5 Best Restaurants Around Your Luxury Real Estate Lot

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April 5, 2017
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April 5, 2017
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One of reasons why MacDonald Highland is the pinnacle of high end real estate is its proximity to the finest restaurants.

Nothing beats cooking at home in your high-end real estate kitchen or using a fun appliance. That is, unless you’re tired, stressed out or can’t boil water to save your life. Whatever the reason, sometimes it’s better the leave the luxury real estate lot for quality food.

Fortunately, one of the benefits of living in MacDonald Highlands is that we are in proximity to the finest restaurants. Here are five of the best restaurants perfect for people accustomed to luxury real estate living.



We, of course, can’t start any list without mentioning the stellar restaurant in the DragonRidge Clubhouse. This gourmet restaurant is just a short trip away and perfect for an intimate night. Order a cocktail and relax as you look out on MacDonald Highlands splendor. Reservations are required, so call today.   

2.      NOBU

If you’re looking for a night of the finest Japanese-Peruvian cuisine experience in all of Las Vegas, you have to run over to Nobu. Created by acclaimed restaurateur Nobu Matsuhisa, this restaurant has two locations in Caesar’s Palace and the Hard Rock Hotel. Hop on the conveniently located freeway near MacDonald Highlands, and indulge your sushi cravings.


You can never have enough steak, so that’s why we recommend Hank’s Fine Steaks on 2300 Paseo Verde Parkway. With its romantic atmosphere, you can enjoy an intimate night out with a little surf and turf and martini in hand.    


If you have any type of gourmet palate, book a reservation at Joel Robuchon at the MGM Grand. This French cuisine restaurant is synonymous with Las Vegas luxury and excellence in French Cuisine. So, get dressed in your finest formal attire and reserve a night you’ll never forget with that special someone.       


While this breakfast and lunch restaurant may be on the lower part of the high-end spectrum, the Kitchen Table is still Henderson’s biggest culinary hotspot. And it’s easy to understand its popularity. Fresh crepes and gourmet salads made to order, and excellent service. Unless you want to wait an hour in line, make a reservation with the whole family today.

Located on 1716 West Horizon Ridge Parkway, Kitchen Table is also in proximity to MacDonald Highlands.           


This is just a small list of the fine dining experiences nearby when you live in the luxury real estate lots at MacDonald Highlands. If you would like to take a tour and check out the neighborhood, set up an appointment with one of real estate agents and start making your dreams a reality.

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