How to Create a Zen Space in Your Home

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How to Create a Zen Space in Your Home

Apr 5, 2017
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If you’ve chosen a neighborhood with sights, golf, and wonder but you still feel like something just isn’t right, you could benefit from a home zen space. Work and personal stress take up residency in your home. What is a zen room, you ask? Find out how the zen interior design concept can help kick out your unwanted housemate.



Nestled in the mountains, MacDonald Highlands is surrounded by natural beauty. Open up the curtains and let light in, while leading stress out. Decide which room you spend the most time in, and make sure it’s one with the best lighting. If you use your yoga room every day but it’s in a crowded spot lacking windows, you could benefit from switching things up.

Zen home design doesn’t always require buying new furniture, repainting, or renovating. You can create a home zen space by taking a step back and reevaluating the layout; instead of buying new things, you could stand to get rid of some.


When people think of clutter, they often think of the pile of paperwork they’ve brought home on the coffee table or the unsightly home decor that the in-laws gave them. Clutter is actually anything that’s not useful to you. Take a look around the least favorite room in your house. What do you see? Do all the knick knacks and paddy whacks offer value to your life? If the answer is no, consider getting rid of them.

But, before you get rid of anything, take a look at your favorite room in the house. Why is it your favorite? If it’s because you feel relaxed in the clutter-free space, it’s time to start donating.

If something doesn’t add value to your life, it doesn’t belong there. Have you read all the books covering the shelves in your office? Or do you really need all those figurines and paintings?


Keep zen home design simple. Decorations should consist of plants, natural scents, and minimal furniture. A mountain of luxury doesn’t necessarily mean a heap of electronics and expensive furnishings. The biggest luxury in life is peace.

You might find that your zen home design could benefit from a little renovation. If you choose to repaint, opt for natural colors found in nature. If you choose to buy new furniture, try to get rid of something of equal size.
Finally, choose comfort. Most people find they are in their most relaxing mood when their home has soft fabrics beneath their feet and on their couches.


Is your neighborhood encroaching on your zen space? Contact Kristen Routh-Siberman at 702-614-9100 to ask about open homes at MacDonald Highlands. Life is better on top.

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