Famous Architect to Know: Frank Lloyd Wright

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Famous Architect to Know: Frank Lloyd Wright

Jul 10, 2017
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Have you ever looked at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City and wondered who designed it? The circular building, organic in shape, came from the mind of Frank Lloyd Wright. A famous architect known for geometric shapes and art deco architecture influences, Frank Lloyd Wright was ahead of his time. He introduced modern technology to architecture to successfully draw a connection between the home and its surrounding environment. From coast to coast, you are bound to see a Wright original.

Famous Architects to Know: Frank Lloyd Wright

Known as one of the greatest famous architects in American history, Frank Lloyd Wright has completed over 500 projects throughout the United States. Wright’s design style connects natural materials with geometric forms to create a unique structure.

Different than its surroundings

If you were to view all of Wright’s projects, you would see a common theme of the structure popping out of its surrounding environment. The Guggenheim Museum is noticeable in structures surrounding it, due to its exaggerated geometric shape.

Another example of a design Wright created made to pop from its surroundings is Fallingwater in Pennsylvania. Peeking through a forest of mature trees and a river stream, you have to look hard to find it. He also used built materials, such as wood and concrete, to further connect the home to its surroundings. He wanted his designs to be one with nature, but still stand out.

The lucky apprentices

In 1932, Frank Lloyd Wright brought 23 lucky architecture apprentices to create a fellowship in the architect’s winter home of Taliesin. This school of architecture became the legacy of Wright as an architectural educator. The school expanded to the west coast at the Taliesin West home in Scottsdale, AZ.

After Wright passed in 1959, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation was in charge of continuing the excellence of the school. They became an accredited school in 1986.

Currently, the school is looking to drop the namesake and simply become School of Architecture at Taliesin. The dean says the name change will only help secure the idea of the school as a forward-thinking and experimental architecture program. They still believe in the original Wright legacy, but they want to build upon this legacy.

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