Labor Day Party Ideas on Your Luxury Real Estate Lot

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Labor Day Party Ideas on Your Luxury Real Estate Lot

Apr 5, 2017
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We’re a little sad to see the summer ending. No more lounging out by the pool, summer barbecues or going on summer vacations with your family. But at least now we won’t have to go through the heat!

To send off summer, celebrate Labor Day on your luxury real estate lot with these labor day ideas.


A barbecue on Labor Day is as expected as fireworks on the Fourth of July. To keep the tradition fresh, try out a theme on your high-end real estate for your guests to enjoy.

Everyone knows the outdated tradition that your don’t wear white after labor day, so why not mock the tradition?

On your luxury real estate lot, use white tablescapes, plates and utensils. Ask all your guest to dress in white and send off the season.


Lemonade may be the most traditional of summer drinks, but if you and your guests have been drinking it all summer, you are all sick of it.

At your barbecue, remember why you like fresh lemonade and welcome in autumn with this cocktail idea. Courtesy of Delish, create a pitcher of fresh lemonade and mix it together with pineapple juice, coconut rum and dark rum.

This is a fitting Labor Day drink. The lemonade and pineapple juice will sink to the bottom, symbolizing the fall of summer, and the brown colored rum will rise to the top showing the rise of autumn. This drink of symbolic transition will revamp drab lemonade and keep you guests happily looking towards the new season.


If entertaining guests and throwing a massive barbecue isn’t your thing, you can enjoy a picnic lunch with your family around the privacy and comfort of MacDonald Highlands. With the view of Las Vegas luxury real estate and the Las Vegas skyline as your view, you and your family can enjoy the end of summer peacefully.


MacDonald Highlands is one the few luxury communities in Las Vegas. Not only do we have the finest real estate for sale, but we also have the finest amenities.

Contact one of our luxury real estate agents today and experience paradise.

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