Luxury Design Trend: High-lacquered Wood

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Luxury Design Trend: High-lacquered Wood

Jun 16, 2017
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Does your luxury home design need a hint of nature? For subtle pieces of nature, try adding elements of high-lacquered wood. This glossy wood can add a modern minimalism to any home.

High-lacquered wood pieces have become popular in high-end hotels and luxury interior. The reason this luxury design trend is getting a lot of buzz is because it gives a good balance of unique design and natural elements. It also proves a good balance to a monochromatic color scheme.

Luxury Design Trend: High-lacquered Wood

Give your room a subtle natural feel by adding elements of high-lacquered wood. There are so many ways to add this luxury design trend to your home.

Santos rosewood

The beautiful santos rosewood is our wood of choice. Santos rosewood has become a great substitute for traditional rosewoods. It’s versatile, as people can use it anywhere from furniture to musical instruments. The range of colors will also provide you variety to match your home’s color scheme. There’s even a version of the wood with a black-brown purplish tone, which could be an interesting element in a room.

Wood elements

Adding wood elements to a home can bring the necessary textures missing from your home. With this luxury design trend in mind, look for wood furniture pieces to add an interesting texture to the room. A nice wooden cabinet or wooden chairs can provide a natural touch to the room. Architects truly enjoy using the wood as a sleek lacquered wall, which can also serve as a way to conceal shelving. If you’re interested in a larger wood element for the room, visit a quality wood supplier who carries quality high-lacquered wood.

Add Textures to Your Dream Home

Start looking at other luxury design trends for your new home here at MacDonald Highlands. We will help you find the house of your dreams.

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