Luxury Living: Why Table Settings Matter

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Luxury Living: Why Table Settings Matter

Apr 5, 2017
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When hosting or attending a dinner party, you and your family may find yourself sitting in front of an elaborate table setting. Or, while partaking in Las Vegas luxury, a high-end restaurant such as Joel Robuchon, may have a set table before your meal.

You may find elaborate table settings old fashioned. While it may seem like it, table settings exemplify etiquette and conventions common to the upper class.


When company is over, every action you perform in front of them, as to what plates you use, what you food you eat, whether you sit down or use a napkin, is conditioned into you depending upon your upbringing.

However, whether you come from humble or extravagant beginnings, excellent manners and etiquette are when you consider your company’s feelings. While etiquette and manners do change depending on your level of comfort and history with the company, it never hurts to make a good impression and make people comfortable.

Using a table setting enhances the experience and quality of the meal. Eating should be an unstressful, happy occasion. The stress of walking and eating, stressing out your guest, focusing on other things, such as cleaning the dishes, can spoil a meal for everyone. So sit down and relax.

Table settings also denote the importance of the meal and how people should act. If the table setting is plain and boring, guests will feel underwhelmed. On the other hand, if the table setting is much too extravagant in relation to the meal, your guests may feel uncomfortable. The key is to be consistent in tone and make your guests comfortable.

Ask yourself: What would they like to see?    


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