These Fashion Tips for the Golf Course Are Hole-in-Ones

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These Fashion Tips for the Golf Course Are Hole-in-Ones

Apr 5, 2017
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You have to look your best when you are visiting a world-renowned golf course, and that means keeping up with the latest trends in golf attire. These fashion tips for the golf course will keep you looking chic while you strike a good drive on the ball.

Are you new to golfing but don’t want to look like it? We’ll help you choose the right golf attire so you enjoy your first time. People will look up to your fashion sense when you approach the course.

Fashion Tips for the Golf Course

Deciding what to wear for a golf game is just as important as your golf skills. Just like any design trend, the landscape of golf fashion is ever changing. However, you can always depend on some golf fashion staples which never go out of style. You can never go wrong with these golf staples.

Solid pair of khakis

Similar to a little black dress in a woman’s closet, a great pair of khakis is a fashion staple every new and experienced golfer should have in their closet. If you’re starting your golf wardrobe, one of the fashion tips for the golf course is to start a great foundation with some khakis. They are extremely versatile and give you creative liberty to choose various colors for your shirts.

Breathable fabrics

The Vegas heat is no laughing matter, so thin and breathable fabrics are your best friend. Thin natural fabrics, such as linen, will not capture air or body heat, thus keeping you cool. Linen is lightweight, which won’t affect your technique with needless mass. Additionally, linen’s classic style will give you an elegant look on the green.

Patterns on patterns?

Although you want to make a statement on the golf course, mixing loud patterns distracts everyone from your golf skills. But when is pattern on pattern okay to wear? Go for more subtle patterns if you want to wear this trend. Also, remember to check the pattern isn’t ruling both your pants and shirt for chic golf outfits.

Synthetic fabrics for activewear

If you happen to be an overactive sweater, synthetic fabrics may help. Synthetic fabrics can be just as breathable as natural ones. The bonus of synthetic is that some wick away moisture, or draw sweat away from the body. Manufacturers design synthetic fabrics not to bind to the body, giving you a full-range of motion and reduce chafing.

The right socks

Ankle socks are the perfect size for golfing. They aren’t too long and they aren’t too short, making them perfect to wear with shorts or pants. The focus shouldn’t have to be on your socks when you’re out on the course.

Great spike debate

Much like how the dancer pours over their shoes before show time, the golfer’s should not be any different before teeing-off. Not only is the right shoe vital to your fashionableness, but most importantly, it will help with traction, balance, and form. Spikes on shoes help with your traction on the green. Often, golfers prefer rubber spikes over metal as they do not damage the green, and the give of rubber helps reduce the pressure on your knees.

They are also preferable on unflat surfaces. For example, spikes will keep your footing better if you are standing on a slope or a sand trap, especially if it is wet. The added grip will keep you from slipping or sliding.

Flats are the other option. Flats will equally distribute your weight over your feet, stabilizing your balance. They will not damage the green as spikes can.

Show off Your Fashion at Dragonridge Golf Course

With these fashion tips for the golf course, you need a golf course just as luxurious as your new golf style. Dragonridge Country Club is home to a world-renowned 18-hole golf course in the foothills of the McCullough Mountains. You are golfing with an amazing view of the Las Vegas skyline, giving you a glimpse into a Life at the Top. Visit us to play a round today!

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