Doing More with a Smaller Luxury Real Estate Lot

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Doing More with a Smaller Luxury Real Estate Lot

Apr 5, 2017
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MacDonald Highlands offers some of the largest luxury real estate lots in Las Vegas. Whether you choose one of the readily available homes or if you select a prime acre to build your dream home, MacDonald Highlands has it all. Traditionally, having the biggest mansion and copious amounts of space symbolizes high-end real estate living, and there is nothing wrong with that idea.

For others, however, mansions and large plots of high-end real estate lots are not as appealing. While they revel in luxury, these people choose smaller plots and utilize the space they do have more wisely. This is a growing trend in the high-end real estate community called “de-mansionization.”


Quality over quantity is the idea behind de-mansionization. While the idea of having a living room that accommodates three chandeliers, 15 chairs, 20 end tables, and a 72-inch television makes some people’s heart soar, others prefer to have a modest- sized living room. This is not necessarily saying they utilize and decorate the space more modestly, however. They still prefer the amenities of a massive luxury real estate lot, but prefer the ability to refine the living rooms details and function. Some would find that this allows more cohesion in the room and less wasted space.

It is also important to consider whenever choosing a luxury real estate lot to prioritize your interests and future goals for the house. If you happen to be an extrovert who enjoys inviting people over for holiday parties and barbecues, then a large living room may be necessary. If you happen to abstain from massive get-togethers, then enjoy a quiet and intimate night in with your smaller living room.


The same goes for the other rooms. If you happen to live alone and do not cook all that often, is having a full-scale gourmet kitchen necessary? You may just be more interested in having gourmet appliances and luxury amenities that would make all the Las Vegas executive chefs jealous. Regardless, a smaller kitchen will function just as fine, sans the cardio workout from the refrigerator to the stove.

If you happen to live in a large luxury real estate lot and want to de-mansionize, a simple repurposing of the space available to you is all you need do. For example, consider that guest bedroom across from yours that no one goes into, except for the house cleaner. Meanwhile, your bedroom closet is starting to clutter and you’re beginning to realize you have more clothes and accessories than square-footage. Why not call up a contractor and make that guest room your new walk-in closet?


Whether you like to live in luxury in a large or small high-end real estate lot, MacDonald Highlands is the place for you. Here at MacDonald Highlands, we offer the finest luxury real estate lots to construct your dream home. We offer unparalleled views of the Las Vegas skyline and our community amenities are fit for royalty. To learn more about the community, visit our website or call us at 702-614-9100

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