Blue Heron

Blue Heron: Our Blueprint is You

Blue Heron is a design-led development firm that accentuates aspirational living through personalized home experiences.

An organization crafted by custom creation and intentional innovation. A family of curators that construct immaculate environments shaped to sustain life. A company driven by dreams, designed by humanity, and developed by Las Vegas.

Dragon Rock, a BH Community

The newest Blue Heron community, featuring 47 lots, is waiting for you to explore! See the breathtakingly unique community, breaking ground in late Spring 2020.

Each home is complemented by a uniquely angled lot that amplifies stunning desert views, maximizes privacy, and provides thoughtful relief from the desert sun. The result is an expansive, natural-feeling community that energizes and nurtures those that call Dragon Rock home.

Brand new floor plans – only currently available at Dragon Rock – have been designed to blend physical nature with human nature to ensure that every space evolves into an outstanding experience.

Prices start in the high $800,00s.

Equinox, a BH Neighborhood

Equinox is an exclusive Blue Heron neighborhood, featuring 7 custom home sites (only two lots remaining!). Offering cutting edge designs by our award-winning team with spectacular views of The Strip and Las Vegas Valley.

Our designs beautifully blend physical nature with human nature and develop beautiful flows of energy throughout every Home. We ensure that every space evolves into an outstanding experience. That every view matures into a magnificent memory. That every house becomes an everlasting Home.

Custom Homes

Our architects and designers analyze your Homesite as inspiration, incorporating the views, topography and other environmental cues into the design. After a lot study, you meet with your custom design team – complete with architects and interior designers.

The design stage is a highly personalized process. Our architects work to understand your family and lifestyle as well as your individual needs for a home. Beginning with hand sketches and moving into 3D modeling to help communicate your Home’s the look and feel. Our interior designers are heavily involved throughout this process and use the look and feel of the exterior of the home to inspire the interior…make your Home feel like Home.

We believe it’s important to discuss budget early — and often — in the home building process to help you prioritize your Home desires. After the design, we move to construction – and soon the house will become your Home.

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