How do I report maintenance issues?

Any maintenance issues or concerns can be reported directly to the management office either though their website at www.rpmginc.com, or via email at DSampson@rpmginc.com.

How do I access QuickPass to add or remove guests for my property?

Please login to your QuickPass account at www.quickpass.us, or download the QuickPass app called QuickPass Visitor Management and login through the app. If you need assistance with obtaining your username or password, or help with navigating the system, please contact Dori Sampson via email at DSampson@rpmginc.com, or via phone at 702-933-7764.

How do I obtain an ARC form?

Please visit www.rpmginc.com and click on The Foothills at MacDonald Ranch on the left-hand side of the homepage, then click on “Homeowner Login”. This is the avenue to take to access all Association documents, information, forms, etc. If you do not have your account number or password, please email the management office at DSampson@rpmginc.com, or call them at 702-933-7764, and they will provide this information to you.

You can also find the form here: DRC Application

How do I purchase transponders?

Transponders can be purchased at the management office during normal business hours. The cost per transponder is $75.00 for bumper transponders, $55.00 for portable transponders and $25.00 for headlight transponders. Please note the cost per transponder is subject to change without notice. The management office accepts cashier’s check, check or money order; no cash is accepted. If your Assessment account is in good standing, the transponder cost can also be billed to your Assessment account if you do not have one of the referenced payment methods available.

Please fill out and return the attached form. Transponder-order-Pick-Up-Form

What are the rules of the association?

Visit www.rpmginc.com to download the Rules & Regulations, as well as all other Association documents. These forms can be accessed after logging in with your account number and password.

Rules for the association can also be found on the attached form: Rules and Regulations

Can we have a party in the park?

Yes! Please complete and return a park reservation form, along with the required damage/cleaning deposit (as referenced on the reservation form) to the management office prior to the event. The form can be downloaded once logged in to your account at www.rpmginc.com, or you can email the management office at DSampson@rpmginc.com with any questions.

You can also access the form here: Park Reservation Form

Where can I obtain information about Design Review and New Build requirements?

For questions on design review and other new build requirements, contact Whitney Donley via email at: wdonley@macdonaldproperties.com