Vortexes are theorized to be places where magnetic grid lines flow across the earth. When these lines connect, vortexes of energy create a powerful magnetic flow that affects the resources, wealth, power and healing flow of an Earth matrix. Dr. Kastle found a magnetic grid line that is a direct line from the eye of the dragon at DragonRidge, to the vortex at Red Rock Canyon, and from there to the Vortex at Valley of Fire, then back to the eye of the dragon at DragonRidge. Dr. Kastle said that the financial power of Las Vegas lays within these three powerful vortices of energy.

The vortex in MacDonald Highlands is easily found. When you come through the Valle Verde gate, stay on MacDonald Ranch Drive, turn on Dragon Glen Drive, and follow it up to the roundabout. The vortex is up the hill from there. You will see some steps on the lower area, and a path that winds to the left, then to the right where a stone wall surrounds the vortex area. When Dr. Kastle was surveying the area, some of the DragonRidge employees went with him to carry equipment. When he got to the vortex area, they said that his special compasses started spinning wildly.

*Please note that this area is on private property and is not open to the public.