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Benefits MacDonald Highland Residents Enjoy

3 days ago
2 min read

Positioned perfectly above the Las Vegas skyline, the MacDonald Highlands community offers residents many benefits. Along with luxurious homes, the community includes an athletic center, a clubhouse, and the Dragon Ridge Country Club. 

 Athletic Center and Sport Courts 

 The community’s athletic center and sports courts are located next to one another. The center is a 15,000 square foot facility, and it comes with locker rooms for men and women along with a whirlpool, steam room, and sauna. There are two group exercise rooms in the facility and a massage studio and Pilates room. 

 The sport courts include a tennis complex that features five courts. This area also has a stadium seating area where the community can host professional tennis tournaments and workshops. You can take lessons to improve your tennis skills. As a resident, you’ll also have access to an outdoor sand volleyball and basketball court, which is perfect for family time. 

 The DragonRidge Clubhouse 

 When you decide to live in MacDonald Highlands, you’ll be able to enjoy the DragonRidge Clubhouse. The facility measures 40,000 square feet, and it is a great place to host social get-togethers. There are places to dine and recreate. The clubhouse features the Grand Highlands Ballroom, which is ideal for large events like holiday parties and brunches. 

 At the DragonRidge Clubhouse, you’ll have the use of a custom junior Olympic pool. You can swim in it any day of the week. You can also use it for kid’s birthday parties and barbecues. The community hosts events at the pool, events like summer luaus, and dive-in movies. 

 DragonRidge Country Club 

 As a resident of MacDonald Highlands, you’ll receive a membership to the DragonRidge Country Club. This means that you’ll have access to a world-class golf course. Featuring 18 holes, the golf course provides impressive views of the Las Vegas strip in addition to sights of the surrounding mountains and outdoor landscaping. 

 Mike Davis, one of the country’s top golf instructors, teaches club members and guests how to play the game. You’ll love how the course incorporates the area’s canyons and hillsides. The course contains broad fairways, more than 60,000 square feet of practice space and large greens. If time is limited, you can play a short game. There are also two putting greens and practice sand bunkers to help you improve your game even more. 

 Henderson Luxury Homes for Sale 

 The MacDonald Highlands community is a wonderful place to live, one where you can spend time at the onsite golf course, enjoy fine dining, and take fitness classes. We have homes that are available right away in addition to building lots so you can construct the home that you’ve always wanted. There are many benefits to living in MacDonald Highlands. Contact us to learn more today.

Ways to Design Your Luxury Bedroom to Promote Deep Sleep

5 days ago
2 min read

Few things make you feel as rested as a good night of sleep. A lavish sleep session is considered eight hours of uninterrupted rest, including several sleep cycles and overall high sleep quality. Here are ways to design your luxury bedroom to promote deep sleep. 

 Include Aromatherapy 

 Stress triggers can increase your anxiety, making it tough for you to reach deep sleep. One way to promote a good night of sleep is with essential oils. Scents like lavender, ylang-ylang, and jasmine can help you sleep deeply. 

 Lavender is highly effective, and it can prompt your body to release the hormone that stimulates sleep. When it comes to aromatherapy, consider your preferences. Visit a local aromatherapy shop and try a few different scents out to find the best one. Place a few drops of the oil on the places where you sleep like your pillow or bedspread. You can also use a diffuser. The device will fill your bedroom with the scent. 

 Select Organic Luxury Sheets 

 Designing your luxury bedroom to promote deep sleep includes purchasing high-quality sheets. A good set of sheets will help you stay warm during the cooler winter months and remain cool when the hot Las Vegas summer nights arrive. We recommend springing for organic Egyptian cotton or cashmere sheets. 

 Purchase sheets with a 400 to 800 thread count. They’ll probably cost you around $100 to $200. Sheets of this caliber will be usable for many years. They will also help you sleep better. 

 Get a Quality Mattress 

 One of the easiest ways to promote deep sleep is with a quality mattress. If you’re sleeping on a mattress that’s too hard, too soft or lumpy, then you’ll find it tough to become comfortable. Research different types of mattresses to select the best one for you. Options include innerspring, pillowtop, and foam. 

 Keep Your Bedroom Dark 

 Modern luxury design includes installing elements that will allow you to keep your bedroom dark. This may include light-blocking drapes or shades. Sleep professionals confirm that a person’s mind and body function on a natural rhythm that features a dark/light daily cycle. If there is light in your bedroom, it will impact how you sleep. 

 Today’s modern way of life can disrupt these patterns. Smartphones, televisions, and even digital clocks can affect how deeply you’re able to sleep. Keep phones out of your room and avoid watching television just before going to bed. 

 Luxury Homes in Henderson NV 

 The MacDonald Highlands community is a neighborhood where you can construct your own custom home, one designed to promote deep sleep. When you decide to live here, you’ll have access to five-star resort amenities and views of the area’s gorgeous natural landscaping. Contact us for more information right away.

Tips for Selecting Artwork for Your Estate

One week ago
2 min read

One of the biggest decorating challenges is choosing artwork for your walls. When you construct an estate home, you need décor that matches its luxury. To help, we’re sharing a few tips for selecting artwork for your estate. 

 It Doesn’t Have to Be Pricey 

 Modern luxury design doesn’t have to be expensive. To select the best artwork for your estate, look for pieces that make you feel something. Also, keep in mind that it is essential to choose art that complements the room you’ll be mounting in. The best art speaks to you and enhances a home’s theme and other décor. 

 Any Kind is Perfect 

 When you’re considering art for your luxury home, know that it doesn’t have to be an oil painting. Art like photographs, chalk pictures, and pencil drawings are all perfect for your estate. If you come across something that draws your attention and inspires you, it should be in your home. 

 Determine Your Style 

 The most crucial element to choosing art for your home is to determine what you like looking at. Art is often a major investment, so mull it over to figure out your style. You may have an eclectic one that embraces different kinds of artwork or one that likes things to match. Either is fine, but you may need to hire a design expert to help you put different styles together if that’s what you’re connecting to. 

 Work with a Theme 

 Going with a theme can help you select art that works together. When your home or a room has a theme, then you can create a nice flow. For theming, consider the mood or personality that you want to express. Start in your main living area and branch out from there. Choose one that complements your home’s current design. 

 It’s Okay to Go Big 

 Select a big art piece that makes a statement. Place it in a highly visible area of your home to present your personality and sense of style. A large painting, big sculpture, or supersized photograph will make a definite impression. Large art pieces draw you and everyone else into your space. 

 You can design a focal wall using a large piece of art or with several small pieces that blend together. Avoid adding a large piece to a room and then cluttering the space’s other walls with small pieces. Instead, select one big piece and add just a few other works that you can place in different areas of the same room. 

 Building a Custom Home in Las Vegas 

 The MacDonald Highlands community is a place where you can build a custom home in Las Vegas, a home that you can decorate with inspirational artwork. As a MacDonald Highlands resident, you’ll love the location since it offers you a view of the strip and the nearby mountains. Call us to learn more about our community today.

Inspiration for Selecting the Perfect Kitchen Island for Your Home

Oct 19, 2020
2 min read

Kitchen islands are useful additions when they’re correctly sized, placed and designed. They come in many different designs and styles, which often makes it challenging to choose one. Luxury homes in Las Vegas usually include this feature, but the current one in your home may not be working for you. We want to help, so here is inspiration for selecting the perfect kitchen island for your home. 

 Waterfall Kitchen Islands 

 A waterfall luxury island will give your kitchen a subtle design enhancement because the style extends the countertop across one or both sides of the kitchen island. An excellent combination is a striking white marble island counter and rustic wood cabinets. A waterfall island will stand out, creating a statement in your kitchen. You’ll love the marble because it is a great workspace. You can include a sink for cleaning ease as well as seating for your family and friends. 

 Islands with Open Shelving 

 When you choose an island with open shelving, you’re increasing your kitchen’s storage options. It’s a great place to display your collection of cookbooks, antique china, or even family pictures. An island with open shelving is stylish and practical. This is also an effortless style that blends well in both traditional and contemporary kitchens. 

 Two Can Be Better Than One 

 Depending on the amount of kitchen space available, you might want to install two kitchen islands. With two islands, you’ll have twice the workspace. It also creates a clean look. If you cook a lot, then consider installing sinks in both islands. That way, you can make one island a prep station and the other one the area where you wash up. With two islands, you’ll enjoy the luxury of cooking ease. 

 Go for Shine 

 Kitchen islands are the focal point of the space. Why not select one with a reflective surface to embrace this characteristic. You can focus on the shiny design even more by including backsplash tiles that feature a bit of sparkle. These design options can make the space look larger since they’ll reflect light. They also add a bright touch to your kitchen, making the space a great one for family gatherings. 

 Wonderfully Rustic 

 The design world seems to be shifting back to rustic styling. With a rustic island made of weathered wood, your kitchen will feel warm and welcoming. Include a simple stone countertop and install wrought-iron light fixtures to highlight the basicness of the kitchen piece. 

 Gated Communities Las Vegas

 MacDonald Highlands is a top gated community, a neighborhood where you can choose custom home elements, including your kitchen island. Come see what we have to offer. You’re sure to love our attractive landscaping and amazing sights. Reach out to us to learn more about the MacDonald Highlands community today.

10 Wine and Cheese Pairing to Try at Your Next Dinner Party

Jul 31, 2020
3 min read
macdonald highlands

Wine and cheese are tasty culinary treats, and when you take the time to discover the perfect combination, you’ll enjoy a delicious adventure. Embarking on a pairing of wine and cheese means that you’ll need to consider texture, fat, tannin, and acidity levels. Here are ten wine and cheese pairings to try at your next dinner party. If you decide to become a MacDonald Highlands resident, you can host your next large dinner party at the MacDonald Ranch Country Club. 

5 Stunning Entryway Designs that Makes Guest Feel Right at Home

Jul 28, 2020
2 min read
las vegas luxury homes

The entryway of a home is its first impression. While it’s easy to overlook this space, we recommend focusing your design attention on it. Transform it into a part of your home that is warm and welcoming. Here are five stunning entryway designs that are sure to make guests feel right at home. 

Get to Know the 3 Christopher Homes Neighborhoods

Jul 26, 2020
2 min read
Henderson Luxury Homes For Sale

The Christopher Homes neighborhoods are luxurious and unique. With three different ones available, you’ll surely find one that will suit your personality and living preferences. Along with luxury homes, the MacDonald Highlands community features comfort amenities, the kind that you get to enjoy when you’re staying at a high-end resort. 

15 Questions to Ask Your Luxury Realtor

Jul 23, 2020
3 min read
las vegas luxury real estate

To make sure that your luxury home buying experience is a good one, be sure to complete a little research before hiring an agent. Here are 15 questions to ask your luxury realtor before purchasing a home. 

How to Create an Eye-Catching Accent Wall

Jul 18, 2020
2 min read
henderson luxury homes

Something that you’ll love about owning your own luxury MacDonald Highlands home is that you’ll be able to customize it. For many people, their home is a way to share their personality with everyone who visits. Consider customizing your home with modern luxury design features, things like stunning light fixtures and accent walls. Here is the best way to create an eye-catching accent wall. 

How to Select the Best Lighting for Your Luxury Home

Jul 16, 2020
2 min read
luxury homes las vegas

When it comes to interior illumination, choosing the right fixtures is more important than you may think. The lighting that you select creates a mood, provides a stylish look and makes it possible for you to enjoy your interior spaces more. Here are a few tips for selecting the best light for your luxury home.