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Be Our Guest! Tips to Make Your Guest Room Feel Like Home

Mar 31, 2020
2 min read

When you’re a guest in someone else’s home, it can feel as though you’re invading their space, which is the last thing that they want. If you’ve invited someone to stay in your home, you want them to feel comfortable. Here are a few tips to make your guestroom feel like home.

Tip One: Invest in a Comfortable Bed

To make your guests feel at home, don’t toss any old mattress that you have lying around in the guestroom. Purchase a quality mattress that will help them rest comfortably. If the budget is tight, buy a decent air mattress. Nice ones are comfortable, and you can place it on a box spring.

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5 Outdoor Entertaining Must-Haves for this Spring

Mar 10, 2020
2 min read

A great thing about living in the Las Vegas area is the perfect weather. While it gets a bit hot during the summer, the rest of the year features perfect temperatures that allow you to spend time outside. To enjoy this amenity as fully as possible, you’ll want to focus on your home’s exterior spaces. Here are five outdoor entertaining must-haves for this spring.

1. An Outdoor Kitchen

Adding an outdoor kitchen to your patio gives the space a finished touch. It also makes entertaining much easier. When you’re hosting a party, you’ll get to enjoy the company of your guests while grilling burgers or steaks. To make your outdoor kitchen useful, equip it with a prep island, plumbed sink, and a refrigerator.

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Four Facts of Beluga Caviar to Know

Jul 27, 2018
3 min read

The delightful delicacy is a staple at your most elegant events to please guests. It’s best to capture the vibrancy and luxury behind this world-renowned dish in the comfort of your Las Vegas luxury home. There are four main types of caviar. They are the Beluga, Sterlet, Ossetra, and Sevruga. The most common is the Beluga. If you want to be the Beluga connoisseur at your next gathering, read more about what’s the history behind beluga caviar. Here are some interesting facts.

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A Luxurious Wedding Where the Bride Won’t be the Only One with Their Breath Taken Away

Apr 30, 2018
2 min read

Las Vegas is the city of quicky weddings and an area of town full of electric chapels where you can commit to your love through a drive-thru. Your wedding doesn’t have to be rapid and in Downtown Las Vegas. For a luxurious spring wedding, it requires a breath-taking bride, a stunning groom, and perfect location to capture the treasured memories you’ll tell your children about in the future.

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DIY Your Way to Spectacular Holiday Gifts

Dec 9, 2017
2 min read

This holiday season, ditch the mall and head over to your local craft store for all your gifts. DIY holiday gifts are a great surprise for your loved ones. They’ll be expecting standard gifts you get at a store. These gifts will make anyone feel you put extra thought and time into it. Stretch your crafting muscles and get ready to make thoughtful gifts for all your friends and loved ones.

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Thanksgiving Table Settings Will Make Your Life Easier This Season

Nov 10, 2017
1 min read

Preparing for the big Thanksgiving dinner can create loads of stress any party host drowns in this special Thursday. We have life-saving Thanksgiving table settings tips and tricks to help you avoid going crazy over where to sit everyone while you’re cooking the big bird.

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Your Guide to Throwing a Killer Monster Bash

Oct 13, 2017
2 min read

As the witching hour comes close at hand, it’s time to prepare to a monster bash for all your goblins. We have the tricks and treats to make your frightful Halloween party a screaming rager. We’ve got Halloween party recipes sure to satisfy any sharp sweet tooth and more Halloween party hosting tips.

Your monster bash will make everyone howl at the moon in joy.

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