10 Wine and Cheese Pairing to Try at Your Next Dinner Party

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10 Wine and Cheese Pairing to Try at Your Next Dinner Party

Jul 31, 2020
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Wine and cheese are tasty culinary treats, and when you take the time to discover the perfect combination, you’ll enjoy a delicious adventure. Embarking on a pairing of wine and cheese means that you’ll need to consider texture, fat, tannin, and acidity levels. Here are ten wine and cheese pairings to try at your next dinner party. If you decide to become a MacDonald Highlands resident, you can host your next large dinner party at the MacDonald Ranch Country Club. 

 1. Port with Blue Stilton

 The port features a stout, sweet flavor, one that’s bold. This means that you’ll need a cheese that can hold its own. Blue Stilton is strong and salty. Since sweet wine pairs well with smelly cheese, this is an awesome combination. 

 2. Pinot Noir with Gruyere 

 Pinot Noir has a red berry fruit flavor, making it the perfect choice for Gruyere since the cheese features a nutty flavor. This wine and cheese blend delivers a nice flavor complexity and fragrance. 

 3. Sauvignon Blanc with Goat Cheese 

 Sauvignon Blanc has an excellent citrus and mineral combination that pairs beautifully with the herbal and nutty flavor of most goat cheeses. 

 4. Moscato with Stichelton 

 Moscato is a sweet wine that blends wonderfully with a smelly cheese like Stichelton, a blue-veined cheese that features a robust taste. This is another combination of sweet wine and stinky cheese. 

 5. Provence Rose with Havarti 

 Provence Rose is made from a crisp red fruit. The wine is tasty and delicate, which means that you’ll want to drink it while eating a slice of cheese like Havarti. This kind of cheese has an easy, smooth texture. 

 6. Cabernet Sauvignon with Aged Cheddar 

 Your taste buds are sure to wake up when you take a bite of aged cheddar. This powerfully tasting cheese needs a wine with a bold flavor like Cabernet Sauvignon. 

 7. Riesling with Raclette 

 Riesling wine has a stone fruit flavor, so consider pairing it with a smooth and versatile cheese. Raclette checks these boxes. It’s creamy and will provide an excellent complement to the wine. 

 8. Chianti Classico with Pecorino Toscano 

 Chianti Classico is made from a black fruit that gives it a savory flavor. This flavor works well with Pecorino Toscano cheese since it has a bold taste that could be overwhelming with other kinds of wine. 

 9. Malbec with Edam 

 Malbec is a red wine, so it needs a cheese with enough fat content to counter the tannin that’s in the wine. For a great pairing, it should also be a cheese with a delicate taste. To get this combination, try Malbec with Edam. 

 10. Vermentino with Fiore Sardo 

 Vermentino wine has a bit of an oily texture, so try it with Fiore Sardo, a sheep cheese that features a nutty flavor. This combination enhances the flavor of both. 

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