3 Details You Should Spruce Up before Listing Your Luxury Home

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Most people won’t give your home a second look if there are small issues. Learn 3 ways to improve your chances of selling your luxury home listing.

Did you recently start listing your luxury home? How have the prospects been? Are you getting the offers you want? If you don’t have as many offers or if you’re not getting the offers you want, it may have to do with the house itself.

Everyone knows the devil is in the details. If your home is not selling, it may require a little homeowner TLC. Here are three aspects of the house you should spruce up before having another open house.



Whether it’s inside or on the exterior of the home, stains, discolorations, patches, and chips in the paint will turn off prospects. Instead of seeing a beautiful real estate in Las Vegas where they can live and grow, buyers will see work they must complete. If you see a patch, fix it. If the paint in the kid’s room is a little dull, repaint it. The selling of your luxury home listing will far outweigh the small labor and time you gave.


Much like paint, carpet or wood that’s poorly cared for will send potential buyers running. When you sell your home, prospective buyers need to feel like they can insinuate themselves into your home and furniture without it ever seeming that you lived there in the first place. Traces of smell, pet or children accidents, or last night’s food will ruin the fantasy and the lead. Shampoo the carpets thoroughly. Don’t place an area rug over a stain. Prospective buyers will look.


If prospective buyers are looking at the walls and carpet, they will also inspect with the detailing around the house. Damaged or broken baseboards and molding will turn off buyers. Replace them, or improve on them with better materials before listing your luxury home.


Remember a simple rule of thumb: keep your home a luxury home. When people shop for Las Vegas luxury real estate, they try to find the creme de la creme in real estate, not a project. If you still have trouble listing your luxury home, our Las Vegas luxury real estate agents have the expertise to help. Schedule an appointment today.

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