Exotic Animals Perfect for High End Real Estate Living

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Exotic Animals Perfect for High End Real Estate Living

Apr 5, 2017
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MacDonald Highlands wants everyone to enjoy the benefits of luxury living, including our furry friends. While adopting a cat or dog into your home is an excellent idea, sometimes you may find yourself interested in exotic animals. While they entail more responsibility, care and attention on the owner’s behalf, caring for an exotic pet can be rewarding. Here are a few animals perfect for luxury living.



Expressive, colorful and affectionate, macaws fit perfectly for experienced bird-lovers. Hailing from South America, its size and magnificent colors fit well in the scope of high-end real estate. If you want a pet that lives long and talks to you, adopt this bird today. Make sure to buy a large enough cage.


With their beady eyes and tiny paws, the hedgehog is a step up from hamsters and ferrets. Their quills will poke if they are nervous, so be careful. But if you shower them with love, care and patience, these adorable creatures will be luxurious fluff in your lap.


We know what you’re thinking. Chickens, or other farm animals, rank low on the list of exotic pets. Consider this, however. The silkie chicken is not like normal chickens. Other than being famous for their fluffy plumage that feels like silk on the skin, silkie chicken known for their calm demeanor and friendliness. Additionally, what’s more extravagant than having fresh, organic eggs every day?


These tiny marsupials are perfect for those who want to hold something fuzzy in their hands. Unbelievably cute with their big eyes, pink noses, and fluffy tails, these creatures love attention. They are nocturnal in nature, so these pets are great for those who are night owls. If life has to tear you both away, buy another one. They love having friends.

Before you can start finding the right exotic pet, you need to find the right luxury real estate lot first. MacDonald Highlands boast the finest architectural structures and beautiful Las Vegas views. Contact us today and start making your dreams a reality.

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