Living Room Essentials in Your Luxury Home

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Living Room Essentials in Your Luxury Home

Apr 5, 2017
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The living room is the most versatile room in a house. It can act as the meeting place for the people you invite to your lavish parties to where you can relax curled up beside the fireplace. Regardless how you use your living room, the two most important aspects never to compromise on are style and comfort. Ensure your luxury living room by considering these essential living room features.



People, and even animals, gravitate to the couch. And it’s not surprising. Couches bring people together at any social gathering and can act as an impromptu dining chair or bed. Couches also have great power in setting the feel of a room. A couch can make or break a room’s style depending on the couch’s print or structure relative to the rest of the interior. A couch can also ruin a living room’s overall comfort if it itself is uncomfortable. Go with a plush, leather sectional to gather everyone around the television. Or try a cozy, cuddler chair for that special someone, who is, of course, you.


Television is usually the focal point in modern homes, so in the case of a luxury living room, make sure no one is mistaken. If you have the wall space, don’t be afraid to go big. A plasma screen can create a modern movie theater vibe. However, if you prefer to keep your television discreet, you can hide your television through art prints that cover your television when not in use. Complement the television art cover with concordant wall art to not only add charm but to impress your guests and with such an elaborate spectacle.


The fireplace is classic choice to make as the focal point of the room as it provides style, comfort and warmth to any luxury living room. Perhaps add country-style charm with a rustic wood-burning fireplace made entirely out of brick and stone. Or perhaps a marble fireplace to create the refinement of neoclassical elegance. Or maybe modern fireplace alongside the floor length windows to capture the allure of minimalist living. The choice of which style is yours, but your ability to not curl up beside it after a long day and nap is not.


A chandelier is the anchor and the exclamation point of every luxury living room. These iconic lighting fixtures signal to people where the center point of the room is and how to coordinate their furniture. Try a modern-styled chandelier to create a chic vibe, or install a traditional chandelier to add a touch of refined elegance. Try going without one, and you’ll find a once charming living room turn vacant and, well, very dull.

Naturally, you’ll need a luxury house before you can decorate a luxury living room. MacDonald Highlands allows you the luxury property to construct your dream homes and offers some of the greatest views of the Las Vegas skyline. To learn more about the community and to start living the luxury life you deserve, visit our website or call us at 702-614-9100.

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