MacDonald Highlands is the Perfect Location to Build Your Luxury Home

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MacDonald Highlands is the Perfect Location to Build Your Luxury Home

Apr 5, 2017
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Most people are aware of the number one rule of real estate: location, location, location. This should always be considered when purchasing a new home or looking to design your own. You want to make sure that you choose the proper location that fits every aspect of your life. Where you choose to buy or build your home has a large impact on the resale value. Even if you have two identical homes, the price can differ as much as 20 percent depending on its location. Thankfully, MacDonald Highlands is the perfect location to design your luxury home in Las Vegas.

MacDonald Highlands offers all the amenities a luxury community would need: a world renown golf course, walking and jogging paths, parks and workout facilities. Whatever you are looking for, MacDonald Highlands can offer you and your family the best experiences in Las Vegas.

Each location at MacDonald Highlands has an amazing panoramic view of the Las Vegas Valley and the skyline of the Strip. Along with the Strip you will have a view of the world famous DragonRidge golf course.

Building your dream home at MacDonald Highlands allows you to avoid the noise of the city. You will not be bothered by the light pollution produced from the constant flashing signs or noisy sounds of traffic throughout the city. You will be enough removed to avoid all the unwanted aspects of the city but still be close enough to enjoy the shopping and nightlife if you choose.

MacDonald Highlands offers the perfect location to design your dream, luxury home in Las Vegas. To learn more about “Life at the Top” in MacDonald Highlands, visit our website or call 702-614-9100.

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