Popular Architectural Styles of Luxury Homes

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Popular Architectural Styles of Luxury Homes

Apr 5, 2017
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When you design your new luxury home, you are flooded with questions and options. The first thing you have to decide is the layout and style in which to build your home. Choose from many different styles when you look to build a new home and choose one that best fits your personality. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of some popular architectural styles of luxury homes.



Craftsman style homes were born out of Southern California by two brothers, Charles and Henry Greene. The main emphasis with craftsman-style luxury homes is the use of natural materials. Wide front porches have a stone or brick foundation that supports tapered wood pillars. The pillars support the low-pitched roofs. These style of roofs work best in warmer climates as they will not be strained by snowfalls. While the exterior of the house is encompassed with many details and features, the interior layout is wide-open and accommodating to many floor plans and decorating styles.


Today, many homes are constructed in the contemporary style. Similar to modern style, one of the focuses is creating a look that connects the indoors and outdoors. The main difference between the two, however, is the emphasis on energy efficient materials. Contemporary style homes tend to use more sustainable materials and ample amounts of natural lighting.

Art Deco

Reminiscent of Hollywood in the 1930s and pastels of Miami Beach, Art Deco style homes are bold and loud. Most known for their flat rooftops that house patios and lounge areas and smooth surfaces, Art Deco Style works well in tropical and warmer climates.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century modern style homes offer the most creativity when it comes to designing a luxury home. This style of architecture was most prevalent from 1945 to the late ’80s. The main characteristics of mid-century modern style homes are the use of flat panels and open floor plans. The homes are made to feel open with floor to ceiling windows that act as walls for some rooms. Steel and plywood are the main materials you will find in mid-century modern style luxury homes.


As you can tell from its name, the hacienda style homes in the Mediterranean model this style of luxury homes. Mediterranean style homes were most popular in the beginning of the 20th century. The entrances are open with many features such as fountains and palm trees lining the walkways. Many of the entryways are formed with arches and large doors. Mediterranean styles homes are warm and inviting through the red roofs and plaster surfaces.

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