How to Throw a Summer Barbecue on High End Real Estate

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How to Throw a Summer Barbecue on High End Real Estate

Apr 5, 2017
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Summer is on its way to the Las Vegas valley, and the only way to celebrate this hot season is with a full-blown backyard barbecue. With your luxury real estate lot, you can’t just throw a simple get together. No, no! You need to throw this summer party the MacDonald Highlands way. Full of decadence, elegance and a little filet mignon. Here are some tips to throwing a successful summer barbecue:


Make sure the invitations are sent out with ample amount of time so that guests can make calendar arrangements. Give yourself enough time to prepare mentally and to gather your resources. Murphy’s Law states that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Ere go, the more time you give yourself and your guests will make potential problems only small bumps in the road instead of party devastation. Even the smallest parties need a week for preparation. It is also courteous to do. If you still have trouble, hire a professional party planner. We’ve included a link to save you from a headache.


Themes entertain guests and take your barbecue from basic to spectacular. For example, say you throw Great Gatsby party. Costumes are required so everyone will have to come decked out in the classical look of 1920s garb. Prepare a floor and hire a live band for dancing. Create a “speakeasy” complete with a bartender in a suit. Perhaps a masquerade party? Darken the house with decorations and lighting ala gothic style. Add an element of mystery and ask everyone to come masked.

Whether choosing a Fourth of July theme or a Magic Mike theme, creating a theme isn’t necessarily about making your guests do things in a contrived way. Rather, choosing a theme sets up fantasy for people to lose themselves in fun and enjoy. Which, after all, is the point of parties.


The most vital piece to a barbecue: food. What food you choose will set the party’s tone. You can go healthy and light with foods such as shrimp, salmon or chicken. Sides of salad and rice dishes and limited liquor won’t bog down your guests, allowing them more energy for activities.

Or perhaps go elegant and wind down the night with sumptuous foods such as filet mignon and foie gras. Don’t be afraid to break out the wine from your recently built wine cellar and set up an open bar.

Or, go simple with burgers and hot dogs. But, of course, get organic and grass-fed. Nothing else will suffice. If you can, get Wagyu or Kobe beef. The Japanese delicacy will satisfy even the most persnickety tastes.


Even if you hire a planner and pick all the right foods, your barbecue can go to trash if you are a terrible host. Never forsake your guests over some elaborate theme or making sure the Beluga caviar has the right amount of crackers on its dish. Hospitality is key for every party, and that includes making your guests comfortable and happy.

Make sure to greet and thank everyone of your guests for coming and to have activities for both the extroverts and introverts to entertain themselves. This is as simple as making sure there are enough seats and appetizers for everyone. If you will not be using your home and you will hold your barbecue solely outside, make sure to provide plenty of shade and water to keep your guests from getting dehydrated.

You can’t please everyone, but you should make them feel welcomed and comfortable. If you succeed in that, then your summer barbecue will be the talk around the neighborhood until fall comes.


Before planning any extravagant barbecues, you’ll need an extravagant high end real estate lot. At MacDonald Highlands, we offer the best in Las Vegas landscape and scenery. We also offer the crème de la crème in contemporary luxury real estate. Contact MacDonald Highlands today and start living the dream.

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