Creating Your Perfect Wine Cellar on Your Luxury Lot

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Creating Your Perfect Wine Cellar on Your Luxury Lot

Apr 5, 2017
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Forget the living room. Forget the kitchen. You can even forget which décor you are going for this week. You must put all those concerns aside, as one of the most important rooms in your luxury real estate owning life needs your undivided attention.

How can you create the perfect wine cellar in your high-end real estate lot?


Nothing sours a party or intimate dinner more than a sip of spoiled wine — the absolute horror. Not only does it taste rancid, but on a deeper note, it reflects on your taste of a luxury living connoisseur. Liquor and spirit aficionados pour their time over their drinks. It is a full-time job keeping your wine safe from the sun’s rays or extreme temperatures. Fortunately, at MacDonald Highlands, you have the ability to create the perfect sanctuary to let your liquors thrive.

Here is how to create the perfect wine cellar on you Las Vegas luxury real estate lot.


Sunlight is the enemy of liquor. Even indirect sunlight affects wine’s taste and can hasten the process of spoiling. By creating a wine cellar in a windowless room, such as one in your basement, you can ensure that no light will ruin your wine.

Sunlight affects wine through heat and/ or UV light. Heat raises the temperature of the wine, which in turn speeds up the rate at which the wine’s molecular composition reacts. Wine does this naturally. Under natural circumstances, it is called “aging.” However, when the wine is heated up, the molecular reactions increase and the wine’s composition breaks down.

Additionally, heat increases the rate of evaporation of the wine’s flavors and alcohol. UV light, meanwhile, breaks down the molecular compositions, as well. The light can bleach the wine’s color, or worse, break down the subtle flavors of the wine. All of these things, in turn, create a spoiled, tasteless wine.

When you create your perfect wine cellar on your Las Vegas luxury real estate lot, remember to dig deep to avoid that nasty sun.


As we explained, heat damages a wine. You may wonder now, “If the sun and heat are so bad, why don’t I just put my wine in my downstairs fridge?” This will not work. Wine needs to age properly for it to achieve its full flavor. Wine subjected to colder temperatures will slow molecular reactions, making the aging process longer. Extreme, cold temperatures may cease the wines chemical reactions altogether.

To avoid all this and properly maintain and age your wine, store your wine in a wine cellar somewhere between 52 degrees Fahrenheit and 58 degrees Fahrenheit. It is important to note that whatever temperature you choose it must stay consistent. Otherwise, a constant fluctuation of temperature will allow more oxygen into the wine and oxidize the flavors away.

When you create your perfect wine cellar on you Luxury real estate lot, create it in a separate room with a cooling unit and temperature gauge to ensure proper temperature. <H3>


Humidity is also another important factor in proper wine storage. Little to no humidity damages the wine’s taste and its cork. If a wine’s cork becomes too dry, it may flake off into the wine, spoiling the wine’s flavor; or it will allow too much oxygen in, which will oxidize and spoil the wine.

As we live in the desert, the limited humidity is a constant threat to your wine. Store your wine somewhere between 50 percent and 80 percent humidity in your wine cellar. This can be achieved with a conventional humidifier.


Let’s say you have created the perfect wine cellar in terms of constant temperature, humidity, and darkness. Your wine is aging to proper taste for next year’s Christmas Party. However, you may find that as you step into your cave of a wine cellar, you cannot find your wine. You may start fumbling aimlessly around in the room and smash one of your bottles on the floor, which is no good for the wine’s aging process nor flavor.

To avoid this, install LED lights to safely observe and pull your wines when the time comes. Unlike incandescent light bulbs, which will emit heat, LEDs will not damage your wine.


We have gone over the some of the most vital factors to consider when creating your perfect wine cellar. But there are more factors to consider, such as ventilation, security and how aesthetically pleasing your wine cellar is. If you want to construct your own wine cellar, utilize your luxury real estate lot any way you can. If you do not, then we’ve included a link to professional wine cellar creators. Let the professionals handle it.

And speaking of professionals, if you have considered luxury living, then contact MacDonald Highlands today. MacDonald Highlands offers the pinnacle of the contemporary high-end real estate and the most stunning views of Vegas. MacDonald Highlands also gives you space and real estate to design your dream luxury home in any style that fits your personality, including the most persnickety wine connoisseurs.

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