Your Ultimate Guide to Designing the Luxury Home of Your Dreams

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Your Ultimate Guide to Designing the Luxury Home of Your Dreams

May 14, 2018
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Home is where the heart is, but where do your dreams live? A luxury home is an answer to where your goals lay to rest for the day. These spectacular and flawlessly designed homes make you into a homebody. But what are some tips for luxury home features you would want in your dream palace?

Each year, there are new and exciting luxury design trends to help you find the right style to fit your home and style and make it the envy of all your friends. There are luxurious home features for every area in your house help you upgrade your kitchen, bathroom, and other areas of your overall space. Get your measuring tape and vision board ready for the ultimate tips to luxury home designing.

Tip One: Location of Your Dreams

Most people are aware of the number one rule of luxury home real estate: location, location, location. Always consider the area of residency when purchasing a new home or looking to design your own. You want to choose the proper place to fit every aspect of your life. Where you decide to buy or build your home has a significant impact on the resale value. Even if you have two identical houses, the price can differ as much as 20 percent depending on its location.

Miles away from commotion

Don’t you love waking up to the sound of birds chirping and not of sirens and cars bustling by? Building your dream home at MacDonald Highlands allows you to avoid the noise of the city. You will not be bothered by the light pollution produced by the constant flashing signs or loud sounds of traffic throughout the city. You will be enough removed to avoid all the unwanted aspects of the city but still be close enough to enjoy the shopping and nightlife if you choose.

Tip Two: Architectural Style of Your Own

The first thing you have to decide when designing your home is the layout and style in which to build your home. There are so many different styles when you look to build a new home, but choose one which best fits your personality. As one of our tips for luxury home features, we have compiled a list of some popular architectural styles of luxury homes.


Similar to modern style, one of the focuses is creating a look that connects the indoors and outdoors. The main difference between the two, however, is the emphasis on energy efficient materials. Contemporary style homes tend to use more sustainable materials and ample amounts of natural lighting.

Craftsman Style

Craftsman style homes were born out of Southern California by two brothers, Charles and Henry Greene. The primary emphasis with craftsman-style luxury homes is the use of natural materials. Wide front porches have a stone or brick foundation that supports tapered wood pillars. The pillars support the low-pitched roofs.

These style of roofs work best in warmer climates as snowfalls will not strain them. While the exterior of the house encompasses many details and features, the interior layout is wide-open and accommodating to many floor plans and decorating styles.

Art Deco

Reminiscent of Hollywood in the 1930s and pastels of Miami Beach, Art Deco style homes are bold and loud. Most known for their flat rooftops with house patios and lounge areas, Art Deco style works well in tropical and warmer climates. This simple home architecture is timeless in its way.


Our climate is often similar to the rustic weather of the Mediterranean, so this architectural style is very appropriate. As you can tell from its name, the hacienda-style homes in the Mediterranean model this style. These types of luxury houses were most popular at the beginning of the 20th century. The entrances are open with many features such as fountains and palm trees lining the walkways. Many of the entryways form arches and have large doors. Mediterranean style homes are warm and inviting through the red roofs and plaster surfaces.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century modern style homes offer the most creative way when it comes to designing a luxury home. This style of architecture was most prevalent from 1945 to the late ’80s. The main characteristics of mid-century modern style homes are the use of flat panels and open floor plans.

The homes are made to feel open with floor to ceiling windows that act as walls for some rooms. Steel and plywood are the primary materials you will find in mid-century modern style luxury homes.

Tip Three: Organize the Home Features

You have your style set on the outside and layout of the home—now comes the part where you start filling it with luxury home features. Owning a luxury home means that you not only receive access to all the great amenities of the area but also living in a house that is designed specifically for you. Whatever you choose to pursue, there are some key features you should look for in a luxury home.

Get a view of it all

When shopping for a luxury home, you want to make sure you enjoy the views from your area. You want to be able to enjoy nights outside looking over the city skyline or the beautiful trees and forests from your backyard and windows.

Kitchen for entertaining

The kitchen is one of the essential rooms in the house. You do not want a small kitchen that will limit the amount of cooking you will be able to do. You also want to have access to all the tools that will allow you to prepare restaurant style meals.

If you live in an area with warm weather most of the year, having an outdoor kitchen as well is perfect for weekend barbecues. Invite friends and family over and grill up some steaks and burgers while everyone enjoys themselves by the pool.

Upgraded swimming hole

When living in Las Vegas, you will soon realize that owning a pool can become a lifesaver during the summer months. At MacDonald Highlands, you are given the space to design a luxury pool that all your friends and family will want to be. Infinity pools are a great way to extend the look of your pool and property. Get the feel of being on the beach with a walk-in pool that uses a gradual slope instead of a hard drop off.

Tip Four: The Other Throne

When you wake up in the morning, the first place you head to is your master bath. The master bathroom is another essential rooms in the entire house. It is spacious enough for all of the bathroom features of your dreams. Another one of our tips for luxury home features is to go big for your bathroom.

Bathroom ambience

Skylights are a great way to introduce natural lighting into your bathroom and are thematically consistent with the effort to incorporate nature into your home. You can also invest in heated floors. Heated floors are a great transition from your nice cozy bed to your bathroom. Heated flooring is also a great way to cut down on your electricity bill during the winter months.

Shower thoughts

Being one with nature and imitating the outdoors while keeping a simplistic design has been a favorite trend in luxury homes. One way to get this effect is through rain showers, a water feature placed on the roof of the shower, so the water flows straight down, streaming gently like rain. You can also add additional body sprays along the sides of the walls to create a massaging feel. These minimalist designs offer the most relaxing and elegant look for your shower room.

Bathtub time

Bathtubs are a place to relax after a long day and enjoy a nice glass of wine while reading a good book. Some features you can add to enhance relaxation are jets to create a spa-like feel. When designing this space, leave room around the edges of the tub for any decor you like or candles. More space could also allow you to place an entertainment area to watch your favorite shows while you relax.

Vanity area

It’s not vain to get the vanity area to look like you are the star of your show. You are going to want a space to call your own when you are getting ready for the day each morning. A stylish option is to have two sinks in the vanity area. Two vanities allow you and your partner to have your individual spaces to keep things how you would like.

You can also have two vanity areas on either side of the bathroom so you and your partner can design how your vanity areas will look like in the end.

Tip Five: Where the Food Magic Happens

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. It will be where you will prepare all of your meals and also act as an entertainment space when hosting guests. You want to feel comfortable in your kitchen and know that you have the ability and equipment to prepare top quality dishes for your family or guests. Fully stock your luxury kitchen is fully stocked with these key features.

Double ovens: the double rainbows of kitchens

Double ovens are perfect for those who like to bake many things at once. You can have one oven going at a specific temperature, and the oven below it can be set at a completely different temperature to accommodate another recipe.

The second oven could be used as a plate warmer while using the other one so all your meals will come out sweet and hot at the same time. Having your oven separate from your burners gives you the option to install cool heaters on your kitchen island or other unique places.

Eating at the island

With your ovens separate from your burners, you are not constrained to have them be in one location of the kitchen. Have your gas or induction burners be the focal point of the kitchen by placing them on your kitchen island.

By having your burners on the island, you will have more space to work with when it comes to food preparation. It will also bring an elegant, unique look to your kitchen.

Your own coffee hangout

Everybody loves a warm cup of coffee to start the day, but not everyone enjoys the hassle of rounding up everything you need to make it. Establish a coffee bar in one section of your kitchen that will house everything you need to brew up a cup of joe.

With a coffee bar, you can go beyond the standard coffee pot. Instead, spring for an espresso machine and whip up cool drinks to put Starbucks to shame.

A space-saving pot rack

If you are looking for some decorating ideas that are not only stylish but convenient, invest in a high-quality pot rack. Pot racks allow you to display your high-uality cookware and give your kitchen the look of a professional restaurant. By hanging your pots above the kitchen island, you have easy access to them as you are preparing a meal. It will also free up space in your cabinets, allowing you to keep other items handy in your luxury kitchen.

Perfect lighting

How else are you going to get excellent Instagram pictures of your food creations? You want to invest in lighting to accentuate all the appliances in your kitchen. Many kitchen features made of stainless steel will reflect and shine in the proper lighting. Do not just have one focal light in the kitchen, instead, utilize many lights and even lighting underneath countertops for added effects.

Grab Your Tips for Luxury Home Features for Your New Home

The Las Vegas luxury real estate of MacDonald Highlands gives you the opportunity to build your home just like in your dreams. Stop by today to see our luxury home options and discover how to Live at a Higher Level.

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