A Luxurious Wedding Where the Bride Won’t be the Only One with Their Breath Taken Away

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A Luxurious Wedding Where the Bride Won’t be the Only One with Their Breath Taken Away

Apr 30, 2018
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Las Vegas is the city of quicky weddings and an area of town full of electric chapels where you can commit to your love through a drive-thru. Your wedding doesn’t have to be rapid and in Downtown Las Vegas. For a luxurious spring wedding, it requires a breath-taking bride, a stunning groom, and perfect location to capture the treasured memories you’ll tell your children about in the future.

When you imagine your wedding day, do you envision the perfect Spring weather, the Sun shining, and birds chirping as you walk down the aisle? Well, planning your ideal Spring wedding is made simple by remembering these few tips to hold the ceremony and reception your family will go crazy over.

How to Have a Spectacular and Luxurious Spring Wedding

We all know there are a million and one things to consider for a perfect ceremony, including the catering and seating arrangements. Focus on these crucial details if you want to have the luxurious wedding where your love will cry of happiness.

It’s all about the location

Where you walk down the aisle, you can’t treat it like the soup aisle in the grocery store. You have to walk in a place where any picture taken at any angle is a perfect image. There are so many locations that highlight the glamorous Las Vegas skyline in a way you never thought possible.

The McCullough Mountains in Henderson, NV offer a southeastern view of Las Vegas for the most astonishing photo backdrop. Imagine the glittering lights framing your loving union; if you just got chills, no worries, we did too,

Reception of your dreams

After the ceremony comes the time to celebrate your new union with your family and friends. The important item to remember when planning the reception is to choose a venue big enough for all your party. It is essential for your party planning to assume the most significant number of expected guests so your room will be large enough to hold everyone, even if some of them don’t end up coming to the wedding.

A reception location also can’t be just any old wedding hall. There are so many country clubs through the city which could serve as a luxurious spring wedding reception. Similar to your wedding location, choose the one you’ve envisioned dancing the night away with your love.

Plan the Luxurious Spring Wedding of Your Dreams at Dragonridge Country Club

Your search for the perfect wedding venue is over when you come to our pristine and world-renowned Dragonridge Country Club in Henderson, NV. You can walk down the aisle with the magnificent Las Vegas skyline as your backdrop. Get ready to marry your love and Live at a Higher Level.

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