17 Best Luxury Christmas Decor Ideas

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17 Best Luxury Christmas Decor Ideas

Dec 20, 2018
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It’s the season where you will hear many saying, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” But only if you take the time to decorate your home in style. Here are some luxury Christmas decoration ideas that’ll knock your socks off. (Or should we say stockings off?)

Luxury Christmas Decor Ideas for Your Luxury Home

Elegant Christmas tree decorating ideas

  • Glitter glass bauble. Transparent glass baubles can be stunning, especially when decorated with seasonal elements, such as snowflakes, holly, or reindeer.
  • Stag wreath decoration. Stags are associated with the winter months and can provide a beautiful accessory for any tree.
  • Ornate iron and glass star. Why stick to baubles when you can hang beautiful star decorations from your tree? Glass and iron come together to make something beautiful.
  • Chocolate truffle dangler. If you’re looking for Christmas tree theme ideas, look no further than hanging chocolate truffles. Everybody loves chocolate and Christmas tree decorations, so putting the two together should be sheer bliss.
  • Personalized baubles. You want your Christmas decorations to feel bespoke. But until recently, you were limited for options. Now, though, you can get personalized baubles with all the names of your family members written on them. Let the good times roll.
  • Fruit themed baubles. You don’t have to stick to the classic round baubles. Apples, pears, even avocados can be found on today’s boldest tree designs.

Table setting ideas

  • Personalized place names. Stationery is essential at weddings, so why not at Christmas too? Give all your guests their own seat this Christmas with a personalized place setting.
  • Oversized candles. Candles might be an ancient technology, but that doesn’t mean that they’re out of fashion. In fact, they’re an essential ingredient of any luxe spread. Make space in the middle of your table for some oversized candles surrounded by carefully placed springs of pine and holly.
  • Christmas tree table centerpiece. Make your own synthetic miniature Christmas trees and construct a green home for your candles.

Accessories ideas

  • Santa snow globe. You need something to put on the coffee table during the Christmas break. Why not pair a Santa snow globe with some red tinsel?
  • Glittering mini Santa hats. You can do better than those paper hats you find in crackers. Celebrate Christmas in style with glitter Santa hats with white, sparkling bobbles.
  • Glitter bow headband. If you’ve got kids or a toddler, try adorning them with a glitter bow headband, rather than a non-seasonal alternative.

Color palette ideas

  • Silver. If you want to go for a luxury look this Christmas, look no further than silver. Silver can be incorporated into all sorts of things, from tableware to pine cones, candles, and much, much more.
  • Red and gold. Red and gold combine beautifully at Christmas, providing you with the opulence of gold and the festive cheer of red when everything is grey outside. Gold leaf plates and glasses pair exceptionally well with red holly berries, ribbons, and placemats.

Decor ideas

  • Holiday wreaths. No front door would be complete without a holiday wreath. Choose golds, blacks and deep reds for a luxury feel.
  • Luxury crystal fairy lights. Don’t stick with simple LED fairy lights. Make things magical with crystal fairy lights adorned with seasonal flourishes, like mistletoe.
  • Copper pine cone lights. Lay colored copper pine cone lights on a mantelpiece and dress with non-flammable, faux shrubbery.

Find Your Luxury Home this Christmas at MacDonald Highlands

If you’re looking for a home ready for these luxury Christmas decor ideas, it’s time to consider your dream home at MacDonald Highlands. With the luxury real estate of our community, we know your dream home is here. Contact us so you can begin life at a higher level today!

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3 years ago

Thanks for great ideas. We may use such ideas for 2020 Christmas decor ..

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