5 Must-Have Luxury Home Features

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5 Must-Have Luxury Home Features

Apr 5, 2017
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The best things in life come with luxury home amenities. Your search for the perfect dwelling should check off every preference on your list and then some. Las Vegas high-end real estate offers luxury home features you didn’t even know you wanted until you saw it. If you haven’t started your dream home checklist, we’ll give you a jump. These are the luxury home features your new space needs.



Think of your favorite place to stay on vacation. What do you love about it? Surely your affluent hotel includes a spa bathroom. So should your home.

On the list of high-end home features, a bathroom molded for relaxing is at the top of the list. A sleek, white, claw jacuzzi tub should take center stage in front of a well-lit window. When you sink into your dream tub, the only thing above you should be a skylight.

Two large sink basins with plenty of space around them are necessary for a modern couple. Your mirror should be surrounded with natural-looking light. Trust us, it’ll change the way you get ready for the day.

Lastly, what’s a spa without a sauna? Search for a marble shower equipped with multiple rainfall shower heads, a sauna, and room for two. There’s nothing quite like some aromatherapy in your personal sauna after a long day at the office.


Las Vegas luxury real estate should entertain. When your guests come to visit, they expect in-home delights like movie theatres, bowling, full bars, pool tables, and more. We live in the entertainment capital of the world, after all.

An in-home movie theatre is not only for your guests but you too. You and your partner can indulge in a stay-at-home date night at the theatre or watch the big game on the big screen.

Your high-end home features in the entertainment space should fit your passions. If you love reading, line the walls with bookshelves that spread all the way to the ceiling. Furnish a lit corner with a creamy, soft couch, and relax with a good book.


When you walk into your dream home, you should walk into an open space. A large luxury real estate lot allows for wide, spacious rooms throughout your sanctuary. Believe it or not, homes with large square footage start to feel crowded when space is not properly considered in design.

You’ll also need plenty of storage space. Luxury home features immaculate rooms all around. The only way to pull this off is with room to store unused winter clothes, entertainment, etc. High-end home features utilize huge, clear windows to open up any space.


In the bedroom, you truly are the master of your domain. Luxury home features like remote-controlled lights, heat, and blinds put you in control.

Your bed should fit comfortably in the room with plenty of space to spare. Windows should fill the room with yummy light so you can wake up and greet the morning sun. An adjustable ceiling television lets you watch from bed without strain.

A master closet is not a master closet without built-in shelves, drawers, and full-length mirrors. Long closet rods need enough length to accommodate your fine threads.


Location, location, location has long been the home buying standard in the luxury real estate market. A high-end home is no exception to the rule.

Your neighborhood needs safety, quiet, and pristine landscaping. If you have children, the Las Vegas luxury real estate lot you purchase must land in an excellent school zone. Shops, restaurants, and entertainment should be close by but not close enough to ruin your skyline view. But we’re just getting started.

The community you plant roots must offer lifestyle enhancements like a clubhouse, golf course, country club, neighborhood events, tennis courts, an athletic center, and 24-hour security.

Macdonald Highlands goes the extra mile by offering child care at our athletic center and fine dining at our clubhouse. Life at the top is better.


In the market for Las Vegas luxury real estate? Visit our the Macdonald Highland real estate office to see what we have available. We won’t leave one box unchecked.

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