Luxury Design Trend: Modern Minimalist

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Luxury Design Trend: Modern Minimalist

Apr 5, 2017
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Historically, luxury, wealth, and happiness were all associated with one another. Modern minimalist is a cultural shift away from this concept. More people are embracing a “less is more” view on life, which inevitably reflects itself in their living space. Modern minimalist interior design is by no means taking your artistic freedom away from decorating your home, though.

So, if you’ve recently built your dream home and you’re wondering where to go next, why don’t you try modern minimalist style on for size?



The phrase less is mistakenly confused for inexpensive. A minimalist carefully handpicks home decor that enriches their lives and ideally has a function. So if you’ve been eyeing a handcrafted stone white dresser from West Elm and it will add value to your home life (storage, organization, etc.), welcome it into your space.

Unless you’re furnishing an empty lot, introducing new home decor, (especially large pieces of furniture), should be a one in, one out situation.


As we touched on above, less doesn’t mean cheap. A Las Vegas luxury real estate lot demands luxurious interior design. Less truly is more when you invest in quality over quantity. Modern minimalist style starts from the ground up. Your home will require less knick knacks if you invest in extravagant marble, metals, and a scenic lot.

When you’re ready to add some you into your clean space, choose one large quality decorative piece and let it stand out.


Before you throw away all your first editions, autographed baseballs, and extravagant trinkets, listen here. You don’t need to give up everything you love. If something in your life brings you joy, fulfillment, and serenity, it’s worth keeping around.

Minimalism isn’t about giving up everything you love, it’s about re-evaluating what we think makes us happy. So take inventory of your home and make a list of everything you need. Then, make a list of everything you want. Take a look at the two and see what you could get rid of. You’ll feel better once you detach yourself from so many things, promise.

Most people spend a vast majority of their time in their living room or bedroom. These spaces reflect life in a home and clutter easy. However, a modern minimalist living room and bedroom should always be neat and clean. How? Return to the roots of modern minimalist home decor, of course.


You can do more with less in a living room or bedroom by allowing nature in. A giant television screen or music system should not have the focus in your room. Turn couches and beds towards the light for an inexpensive, beautiful backdrop brought to you by Mother Earth.


Modern minimalist design favors whites, greys, nudes, and other earthy tones. Remember how we talked about keeping simple but still maintaining creative freedom? Here’s your chance. A pop of color is a nice break from drab greys, whites, and creams. Choose your pop of color wisely; colors affect your mood in certain rooms.

You can integrate color while staying true to modern minimalism by picking one bold, colorful piece in a space.


Your Pinterest dream home board is probably loaded with decor ideas, cool kitchen gadgets, and paint swatches. Ultimately, minimalism is about self-restraint and simplicity. Before you buy another coffee machine or knick knack, ask yourself how this item will add value to your home.

Lastly, think of your home as your snakeskin. You’ll want to shed your skin during different seasons and redecorate, and that’s okay. Whenever you embark on this journey keep a clear concept in mind so your home remains calm, simplistic, and cohesive, even during transition.


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