5 Trending Colors for Your Bathroom Renovation

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5 Trending Colors for Your Bathroom Renovation

Mar 4, 2020
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When you’re considering any type of home renovation, it’s a good idea to look at the trends. That way, if you decide to sell your home, you’ll have the additions that current homebuyers want. Your Henderson NV home for sale is sure to be snapped up. Along with making your home more sellable, trends are often convenience features that enhance your home for yourself and your family. Here are five trending colors for your bathroom renovation.

1. Taupe

Select a taupe shade when you want a bathroom color that’s neutral but still adds a warm glow. There are different ways to use color. For instance, choose a taupe that’s more on the brown side if you prefer things to be earthy. If you like spaces to have a moody edge, then select one with gray hints. For a touch of color, paint the area a light taupe that features a purple base.

2. The Whitest Shade of White

White bathrooms never go out of style. If you’re remodeling, you can always paint yours white, and it will look fresh and clean. Consider going all out by including a white vanity, white framed mirror, and a white tub.

3. Barely Blue

If the ocean speaks to you, then you’ll love a barely blue bathroom. The color will give the space a spa-like feel. It will also be easy to decorate since you can add décor inspired by the sea. Barely blue is tranquil, and it gives you flexibility because you can select hues that run across the gray range.

4. All Neutral

A popular color trend today is using varying neutral shades. This will give your bathroom a serene touch while allowing you to be creative. Using different neutral tones in your bathroom freshens up the space and adds a softness you never knew you wanted. For this look, use neutral shades like sand, cream, and soft white.

5. Charcoal

If you’re a fan of color, then give charcoal a closer look. The hue is on the neutral side since it is gray, but the darkness of it will make the color lover in you a happy clam. Charcoal is warm, and its deepness will make your bathroom feel cozy. It’s a natural color to pair with other hues. Consider lightening it up with metallic accents or natural wood tones.

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