5 Trips to Make Time for This Fall

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5 Trips to Make Time for This Fall

Apr 5, 2017
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With fall around the corner and the absence of leaves changing color in Las Vegas, are you getting the itch to travel?

Here are five of the best places to visit when your high-end real estate isn’t colorful enough.


If you’re looking to visit the land where images of autumn come from, visit this rural paradise.  This region of western Massachusetts has more trees changing color than the eye can see. With hamlets and farms dappled here and there in between the woods, it will be a visual trip your eyes will never forget.


While there’s always a reason to visit San Francisco, whether it be its history or luxury real estate, San Francisco in the fall is truly breathtaking. The weather will remain warm until the tail end of November, so only a light sweater will do. On top of it, there are multiple festivals and celebrations, including the harvesting of Napa Valley vineyard. Wine, anyone?


Along with the established romanticism of Paris, the backdrop of fall only improves the whimsical charm the city can have. With the many parks turning color, including the most famous luxury real estate lot the Palace of Versailles, Paris never looked so lovely.


If you’re looking for dramatic mountainscapes along a thick foliage of color, Aspen, Colorado, is the place for you. Enjoy spending time in the city known for its chic exclusivity shopping and eating at quaint cafes. When you’re ready to leave the luxury of your hotel room, a simple stroll outside will be enough for any leaf-seeing sight-seer.


Is it a blessing or shame that Vancouver is a secret for sight-seers attuned to natural beauty and poshness? This metropolis blends almost seamlessly with the natural forest surroundings, a sight only emphasized by the crisp colored water of the English Bay and Vancouver Harbor. It’s so lovely you may be tempted to look for luxury real estate for sale if you didn’t already live in MacDonald Highlands.


While these places may look stunning in the fall, MacDonald Highlands looks stunning throughout the entire year. Not only do we offer the best real estate in Las Vegas, but it is some of the most exclusive real estate in Las Vegas. Suitable only for the best.

Contact us today and live in paradise.


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