How the Butler Came To Be in Luxury Real Estate

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How the Butler Came To Be in Luxury Real Estate

Apr 5, 2017
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Last month, we wrote a blog about the Alfred app, and it got us thinking about this domestic role. Where did the concept of a butler come from? How did it become associated with high-end real estate? Are they still relevant in this day and age, or too old-fashioned?

If you do have a butler, we may take them for granted. So today, we will honor the people responsible for keeping our luxury real estate lot in tip-top shape.   


The role of the butler has a long history. Starting in ancient times, the chief role of the butler was the caretaker of the wine casks and the chief cupbearer.

As time marched through the 1500s to 1800s, the concept of the butler we know developed. They continued to care for the wine casks, but also took on new roles. These roles included the estate’s food, sanitary and grooming supplies.


As you can gather, typically only those with large estates, including property and assets, enlisted the help of butlers. Butlers traditionally took on the role of being the highest-ranking domestic worker in the estate. They maintain the structure and order of the house, such as greeting guests or disciplining lower ranking household staff, and delegate daily orders and responsibilities.

Usually, the head of household can manage these responsibilities on smaller real estate and property, but nearly impossible when the estate itself is as massive such as the Las Vegas luxury real estate in MacDonald Highlands.

Butlers also maintain an image of flawless manners, discipline and grace. This is done through their extensive training—butler schools.


Yes, especially in Las Vegas. If the Alfred app was not evidence enough for you, go to a high-end resort on the Strip. Depending on how much money you spend, you will encounter a butler who will take care of you.  

But what if you meant “traditional, live-in” butlers who live on luxury land and homes. Those without butlers can probably attest they can manage their household on their own or through hiring multiple vendors, and good for them. But those with butlers can attest they couldn’t live life without them.

Ideas that butlers are old fashioned and irrelevant due to a growing digital and technologically dependent society are inaccurate. In fact, the demand of butlers is increasing around the world, such as Middle Eastern and Asiatic countries.  

Whether you need a butler or not is up to your lifestyle. However, when you have a trusted professional taking care of things like the appearance of your high-end estate, cleaning and maintaining the pantry, you’ll find more time on your hands and less stress.


While MacDonald Highlands cannot prescribe the perfect butler for you, we do have the best luxury real estate agents to take care of you.

When it comes to real estate in Las Vegas, MacDonald Highlands is unmatched. Are you interested in finding the pinnacle or contemporary architecture real estate or your own luxury real estate lot?

Contact MacDonald Highlands today and live in paradise.

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