Luxury Real Estate Living: How to Have Proper Afternoon Tea

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Luxury Real Estate Living: How to Have Proper Afternoon Tea

Apr 5, 2017
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The British certainly know to throw a party—a tea party to be exact.

While a tea party many not bring out the so-called party animal in all of us, a tea party brings out other positive qualities. A proper tea party brings good conversation, good friends, good sweets and a relaxing cup of tea on a pleasant summer day.

Start up a new tradition in your high-end real estate with this classic tradition and icon of etiquette.


Before we can bring out the good tea set, a proper afternoon tea needs the right tea. While you can serve any tea your heart and guest desire, quality over quantity is key.

Buy your tea leaves fresh and without a bag. The taste will prove much better. Here is a website where you can buy organic, fresh tea delivered to your luxury real estate lot.

Before serving the tea to guests, ask them would they like milk, sugar, lemon or honey. Never serve milk and lemon together; otherwise, the milk will curdle.

Faux pas you can perform during afternoon tea include:

  • Lifting your pinkies up from the cup (Elitism and old-fashioned)
  • Swirling the cup like wine (Improper and can cause spilling)
  • Clinking your spoon around the cup (Disturbs the peace and can ruin the china)
  • Looking over the cup when drinking (Keep them down or you might spill)



Afternoon tea is also a wonderful time to share your favorite treats in your luxury real estate. Traditional goodies one can serve at afternoon tea include:

  • Scones
  • Finger sandwiches
  • Cakes
  • Jam

It is important to remember afternoon tea is served before dinner. It is not meant to replace the meal. Bring enough treats to enjoy the duration of the tea, but not too much that there are more treats than tea.

When enjoying a scone, do not slice the scone with the knife. Break off the top piece, place your butter and jam, and enjoy with the tea.


The rule on where to sit for afternoon tea is not as stringent as drinking and eating. Any place that is pleasant and sunny on your Las Vegas luxury real estate is acceptable.

While afternoon tea should not be a high-maintenance activity, light decorating and moving a table and chairs over closer to the light is fine. Coordinate your table scape to the tea set.  


If you have never had afternoon tea before, you’ll find you’re in luck in Las Vegas. Venues such as the Mandarin Oriental and the Four Seasons offer afternoon tea. They take care of all the work and you and your guests can relax over a cup of expertly poured tea.


However, before you can have proper afternoon tea, it would be a terrible etiquette if you didn’t have luxury real estate home to serve as the venue. Contact one of our luxury real estate agents and find a multimillion dollar home for sale in Las Vegas.

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