Las Vegas Luxury Real Estate Living: How to Waltz

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Las Vegas Luxury Real Estate Living: How to Waltz

Apr 5, 2017
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The sun sets behind the Las Vegas mountains, and a full moon rise in the dark summer sky.  You and your partner look at one another, and you extend out your hand. You walk your partner to the veranda and turn on your favorite classical music. A symphony of strings, crickets and romance fill the warm air.

You stand in front of your partner as the mood to dance strikes you. You take your partner’s hand and you are both ready to waltz into the moonlight.

Instead, you stare at one another and you don’t move. Neither of you knows what to do next, and the neighbors barbecuing next door are beginning to stare. Reality sets in, and you really wish you had taken those ballroom lessons before you moved into your luxury real estate lot!


Luckily, MacDonald Highlands would like to save you from this faux pas. Knowing how to dance with a partner is not only rewarding, but can bring you closer together when the stress of life takes its toll. The best part is, you can practice this step in the privacy of your luxury real estate lot.

First, in the waltz, you must decide who will lead. The lead will guide their partner through the dance and initiate transitions.


Leading and following is essentially a silent language of physical and visual cues. Typically, the lead guides their partner by providing a subtle “push,” for lack of a better word, and the partner follows. You can practice leading by holding your partner’s hands, keeping your core and arms strong and walk forward. Your partner should move back naturally.

You are not forcing your partner to move, but rather, a weight transfer. When the lead transfers their weight to the partner, the partner naturally compensates by moving back to lessen the pressure of the weight.


There are multiple ways partners can hold each other. You may hold hands and stand at arm’s length from one another for chaste or practice dancing, or you can do close dancing. Close dancing means the lead holds their partner’s right hand to their eye level. If they happen to be taller, then position yourself where comfortable. The partner holds their hand at the partner’s waist, or adjusts higher or lower according to relationship and mood.

The partner will either rest the arm on top of the partner bicep or shoulder.


The waltz box is the foundational waltz footwork. It is a repetitive pattern, and after practice will have a noticeable rhythm that feels like how the W in Waltz looks, but more curvy and smooth.

Do not force the rhythm. It should happen naturally through practice.

To begin: after the couple decides how they want to hold hands, they stand toward one another with their feet together. The lead will engage their core, bend their knees slightly and lean forward to enact the weight transfer. The lead will step forward with the left foot and step on their heel. Meanwhile, the partner will follow by stepping back with their left foot.

The lead will then move their right foot forward and away from the left foot across the floor, stepping on their right heel. The partner mirrors the moves with their right foot, as well. Going slowly, it should now look like both dancers are standing with their legs slightly apart. Both the lead and partner will slide their left foot back to the starting position.

This is half of a box step. To complete the box, the partners switch their beginning footwork. The lead steps back; the partner steps forward. The only difference is the lead continues to lead by pulling or drawing their partner’s weight toward them.


There are more steps to the waltz than just the box step, but for now, practice with your partner on your luxury real estate lot. The point is not to be competitive dancers but get closer to one another without stepping on any toes.

Before you can waltz the night away, you will need your own Las Vegas luxury real estate.

Let MacDonald Highlands’ luxury real estate agents help find you a home you and your loved ones can enjoy.  We have the finest in multi-million dollar home and Las Vegas real estate. Contact our office and complete a pre-approval letter today.

At MacDonald Highlands, paradise is a reality.

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