5 Vegetables You Can Grow in Las Vegas This Summer

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5 Vegetables You Can Grow in Las Vegas This Summer

Jul 10, 2017
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Do you believe that you can’t grow vegetables in Las Vegas? Don’t believe everything you hear—vegetable growth in Las Vegas is possible. There’s actually a variety of summer vegetables known to thrive in our hot climate.

Turn your backyard into a vegetable garden this summer with five heat-tolerant crops. These summer veggies will provide you with fresh produce you can add to any summer recipe, and you’ll gain better knowledge of what to grow in the desert. Keep these seeds to grow over and over again.

5 Summer Vegetables to Grow in Las Vegas

Have you wanted to grow vegetables in your garden for the summer? If you’re unfamiliar with which ones will thrive in your garden, we’ll provide you with the five vegetables that can grow in the desert.


Dried basil doesn’t compare to the taste of fresh basil coming straight from your garden. Basil is known to thrive in the summer heat. It may even grow significantly bigger than you expected, and you may have to trim it back to control of the overgrowth. You can even dry your basil leaves, and you’ll never have to buy store-bought ever again.


How much fun would it be for your children to grow their own pumpkins for Halloween? Summer is the perfect time to start planting your pumpkin seeds if you want to have a Jack-o-Lantern for the fall. This summer vegetable is planted in the middle of our summer because they enjoy the hottest portion of the season.


To make a delicious Caprese salad, combine your freshly grown basil, mozzarella, and all you’ll be missing is tomatoes grown in your backyard. Tomatoes have a grow period during summer, so you won’t have to worry about the heat damaging their growth. All varieties of this summer vegetable can be grown in our climate, giving you a chance to have different tomatoes to choose from.

Summer squash

With summer in its name, you can bet summer squash does well in the Las Vegas heat. Summer squash grows in abundance here in the hot Las Vegas climate. This unique variety will provide you with fresh squash to grill, or you can grow other varieties to complement your summer recipes.


Sunflowers can provide you with a tall beauty, as well as seeds you can use in your salads and snacks. Sunflowers bloom in the hot climate and can create a makeshift fence in your backyard. Plant them in a circle to create a reading niche for your backyard. Your children will want to spend their summer under the tall sunflowers.

Plant Your Summer Vegetables in Your Dream Backyard

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a spacious backyard to plant all these vegetables? At MacDonald Highlands, we provide luxury homes with spacious backyards for you to grow as much produce as you’d like. View our real estate options today!

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