Balance Out with Feng Shui

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Balance Out with Feng Shui

Jun 18, 2018
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Life is all about finding an internal balance within yourself and your surroundings. You are in control of the spectrum of your aura, but Feng Shui also helps center your home for you. Finding balance with Feng Shui is a helpful way to give your luxury home a positive vibe throughout all the spaces. Aligning your home’s energies will bring in more tranquility and make you want to stay at your house. Relax and let the ambiance of your house take you to a different part of your mind.

Finding Balance with Feng Shui

You have heard the words Feng Shui being thrown around a couple of times when decorating your home. While it can seem esoteric thinking about the “balance” and “energy” of the room, Feng Shui can help create exciting and happy spaces in your Las Vegas luxury real estate home.

The Feng Shui teachings for balance come from centuries of knowledge. It is an ancient Chinese concept of a room is the mirror of what’s going on inside of us. A dirty, disorganized room would signal you are experiencing some troubling times, while a clean, organized room would signal you are at peace and collected. Interpretations are subjective.

The overall goal of Feng Shui is to align who you are and where you want to go. It gets very metaphysical, but the point is to harmonize yourself with your home. The key to Feng Shui for your home is optimizing energy and letting it flow by bringing in and removing key furniture pieces and careful arrangement.

How to Use Feng Shui to Balance Out Your Home

You can begin your Feng Shui decoration any way you want, but we suggest you remove all the furniture from the room. It will give you a blank canvas to consider without any clutter stressing you out and gives you the opportunity to clean the space.

Cleanliness is essential for creating good Feng Shui energy, also known as Chi. Hire a professional cleaning company, or if you choose, clean the entire room yourself, getting into all the nooks and crannies.

Prioritize air quality to the spaces by changing the filters and adding a humidifier to increase the moisture in the air. It will not only improve your room chi but help with the seasonal allergies.

Remember to consider the lighting in the room and how it makes you feel. More sunlight will help, but the key is to add full spectrums of lighting in your house. Different frequencies of light will add energy, or good chi, to your home. Ditch the old fluorescent and LED lights for more color, or at the minimum, limit the exposure of this light.

Define your Bagua

The ancient Chinese pattern determining the significance of spatial relationships is known as the Bagua and gives the blueprints of where you can optimize your house’s chi.

To pinpoint the Bagua is simple, draw out a square or rectangle, whichever shape is closest to your home. Divide the spaces into nine equal areas and align the front door with the bottom of your diagram. Draw out the locations of your rooms as accurately as you can in the shape used for your home.

Finally, overlay a Bagua diagram over your sketch. When you have your home’s Bagua, you now have the blueprints to finding balance with Feng Shui for your house.

Home colors

Colors in Feng Shui are also essential for balancing your home. Every color in the rainbow corresponds with the five Feng Shui elements. These elements are fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. Following your Bagua, these specific five elements govern the particular areas of your home.

With your Bagua map in hand, begin to dissect each home space and consider the corresponding color for the square in the plan. If an area has a specific color, don’t panic and start buying paint of the color to add to the walls.

Look for creative ways to introduce the specific color to your space through vegetation and accessories. The concept of using color in finding balance with Feng Shui is to bring an even ambiance throughout the home. You don’t have to go big and paint each room a specific color; you simply add color elements to bring balance.

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