Your Guide to Building Your Luxury Home on a Custom Home Lot

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Your Guide to Building Your Luxury Home on a Custom Home Lot

May 30, 2018
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Future homebuilders are often looking for the opportunity to design the house they have always envisioned. The chance to develop your house happens when building a luxury home on a custom lot, where you have the pen and ruler to draft up the perfect place to call your own. Designing on a custom home lot gives you the opportunity to bring all your visions to life. A home isn’t a home if you don’t envision yourself in it, so we have your guide to help you build your dream homestead on a home lot.

Key Features to Look for When Building a Luxury Home on a Custom Lot

When shopping for a new luxury home or designing your place to live, one of the first things you will decide upon is the location of your home. When it comes to your property, many people tend to overlook some key features. Especially when you are a first-time luxury home buyer, the lot selection is one of the most crucial aspects of the search.

Size of your lot

When you are designing your new luxury home, you do not want to confine to small spaces. You want to ensure that the lot you are looking for has enough room to accommodate all of your ideas and needs. If you plan to have an extravagant backyard with many different features, you do not want to run into tight-fitting spaces, making your area looked cramped and overcrowded.

The shape of the lot also plays a critical role when it comes to the design of your home. If you are looking to have a structured style home and layout, fitting that into a circular or triangular shaped lot may not be ideal.

Resale value

Depending on the location of your lot, the amount of your home can increase and decrease in value. The resale value can become especially important if you know that you might want to sell at some point in time. You will also want to look at the surrounding lots in the area and gain a general idea of what the layout of the community. This factor can help you decide if that particular lot will be the right fit for your needs.

Focus on the views

One critical aspect of luxury living is the views that come along with living in a particular area. If you are one who places value on the sights and perfect views, the best thing for you would be to find a lot that sits on a hill and can look at the beautiful scenery.

Reminders for Building Your Las Vegas Luxury Home on a Custom Lot

Designing your dream luxury home gives you the freedom and control to let your mind run wild and build the perfect place that fits your personality. If there is one thing we can guarantee, it is that you will most likely experience one of every type of emotion possible. But don’t let this deter you from building the home you’ve always wanted.

The process of building on a custom lot is also very exciting and well worth it in the end when you take the first steps into your new home. To help minimize the stress and anxiety of constructing your new home from the ground up, we have some things to keep in mind along the way.

Always stay planning

The more you plan and organize what you want your house to look like and the layout of the land, the more relaxed and more quickly the process will go. Once the process has started, you may become overwhelmed with many different tasks and issues on the daily. If you have a plan and goal established, it can help solve many problems along the way and relieve you of many unwanted stresses.

Don’t skip on the homework

You are going to need to hire a team to help you along the way, especially if you have no previous experience building a home. You are not going to know everything, and you will need people you trust and like to help you make the decisions. When you are shopping for architects, contractors, and a designer, if you choose to use one, do not be afraid to ask them questions and chose the one that fits best for your needs. You may be eager to get started, but it is essential to pick the right people, even if that means taking some extra time looking.

Don’t expect perfection the entire time

Everything will not go as perfectly as planned and that is okay. There are a lot of people involved and many moving parts going on simultaneously. Some things won’t be exactly the way you want them, and you will have to move on. On the flip side, you may even see that the “mistakes” maybe even better than you planned. Communication is key to minimizing the mistakes. Not everyone may have a clear understanding of your vision, and it is essential to communicate what you want throughout the process.

Know what you are getting into

You have to understand that building a home from the ground up is a lot more involving than merely purchasing a house on the market. You have to be involved in every single detail of the home and make the big decisions. You will have to invest some time in the process, and it can feel as if you have acquired a part-time job. Don’t be discouraged because all the time and effort you place into your new home will show the quality and overall look in the end.

MacDonald Highlands Gives You a Custom Home Lot with Other Amenities

Our Las Vegas luxury real estate opens up the possibility of future homeowners to design their new homes. Be the designer of the house you’ve always wanted. Live at a Higher Level when you stay at MacDonald Highlands.

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Afton Jackson
1 year ago

Planning definitely sounds like the single most important aspect of building a custom home. Working with a plan that you made beforehand will help avoid any kind of mistake that will result in structural issues that can end up being expensive to fix down the line. I’ll go and look for a custom home builder that can help us out with the plan that we need right away.

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