Benefits and How to Start a Garden in Las Vegas

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Benefits and How to Start a Garden in Las Vegas

Oct 20, 2021
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Gardening comes with many benefits. Not only does it give you tasty and healthy things to eat, but it can also help your mental wellbeing and make your home and yard beautiful. Luxury homes in Las Vegas feature the space that you need to garden. Here are the benefits of gardening and tips on how to start one in Las Vegas.

The Benefits of Gardening

People who garden burn calories. In fact, if you just do a light amount of the activity, you’ll burn around 330 calories an hour. Keep in mind that gardening requires physical activity, so if you’re new to it, start slowly and increase the amount of work you’re doing gradually to prevent body stiffness and pain.

Once you start gardening, you’ll be more likely to try eating new things. A 12-week study of fourth-grade students and sixth-grade students who were participating in a gardening program found that the students were more likely to taste different fruits and vegetables and enjoy eating them.

Gardening can help your kids learn how to be responsible. Depending on the age and ability level of your children, you can assign them gardening tasks. When kids discover that planting a seed and taking care of it by watering and weeding it results in something that they can eat or enjoy looking at, it’s magical. Also, spending time in the garden may result in their having the chance to watch animals like birds and squirrels, which may give them a better appreciation for nature.

People who take up gardening often experience lower stress levels. According to a small study conducted by Wageningen University and Research Center in The Netherlands, gardening relieved stress for the study’s participants in the same way that reading does.

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A Long Growing Season

Luxury homes Las Vegas have plenty of space to grow a garden. The great thing about gardening in Las Vegas is that the area has a long growing season. It usually starts in mid-February and extends until late November. In fact, the gardening season in Vegas is typically around 285 days long. Despite this, there are challenges to gardening in the area like hot temperatures, minimal rainfall, poor soil, and excess winds.

The upside is that you’ll enjoy mild winters, a lovely sky to look at while weeding, and pretty desert scenery. Luxury homes in Henderson NV often include gardens so you won’t have to start from scratch.

How to Start a Garden in Las Vegas

Before getting any plants, be sure to prepare the garden’s soil. In Vegas, the problem with the soil is that it usually has a high alkaline content, which makes it less fertile. To improve your area’s soil, work in a generous amount of well-rotted manure, compost, and chopped leaves. Be sure to use mulch because it retains moisture and cools the soil under it.

Have your soil tested, and if it is especially difficult, then build your garden in beds that are raised. When you add raised beds to your garden, they will give the space a modern luxury design that’s organized and attractive. When adding raised beds, don’t build them too close to a mature tree. If you plant over tree roots, then the tree will seep up the water that you’re giving your plants.

Testing confirms your soil’s pH levels, and it will notify you about the nutrients that are present. Use this information to determine what deficits you need to supplement.

Be sure to plant a number of hardy perennials. These are low-maintenance plants that return year after year. They are affordable, and they’ll make your yard beautiful for years.

Before planting vegetables in your Las Vegas garden, confirm that you’re selecting varieties that have been adapted to the area’s climate. For instance, there are some types of tomatoes that handle the harsh desert climate better than others. The same is true of spinach. When it comes to flowers, you’ll want to take the same approach. Purchase and plant flowers that have been developed to withstand the area’s harsh conditions.

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Planting in Las Vegas

If you want to plant crops like cucumbers, squash, corn, beans, and watermelon, then plant their seeds into your garden when the Las Vegas soil becomes warm. This is typically from the middle of February to late February. If you’re planting peas, then get them in the ground as soon as it thaws, which should be in January.

Tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant are considered tender plants, so if you want to grow these types of veggies, start them inside early in December. Move them outdoors once you’re comfortable that there won’t be frost. In Vegas, this generally occurs in the middle of February. If you don’t want to start plants, buy small ones from your local nursery.

Crops like broccoli, kale, and cabbage can be seed planted as soon as you can work the ground in January. These are vegetables that you can also buy as small plants or start inside during the first week or two of December.

Purchase the right kind of planting gloves. Select gloves that are thin and grippy. That way, you’ll be able to feel the plants and hold onto your containers. When shopping for a home for sale in Henderson Nevada, make sure that there’s enough space for your garden.

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Consider the Sun

When you start thinking about what kind of produce and flowers you’d like to grow in your garden, consider the sun. Since you’re a desert resident, you’ll have access to plenty of sun, which most crops love. Before putting anything in the ground, check the information on the seed packets or complete some online research to see how much sunlight your plants will need. The packets will include information like “full sun” or “partial sun.” Use this to decide where to plant them in the garden.

Garden Watering Tips

Water is an important element of growing a garden, and in Las Vegas, this can be a challenge because you’ll be using more water. This means that you’ll need to be aware of how you’re watering. In Vegas, the best way to keep your plants hydrated is to install drip irrigation. This type of system is great because you can design it to deliver water where you need it, when it’s needed, and in the proper amounts.

With a drip line, the water is sent right to the base of your plants, so it won’t be wasted on pavement, leaves, walls, or empty spaces. In Las Vegas, it’s important to water your plants carefully to ensure that they are getting enough water without wasting it. When you keep your water bills low, you’ll be doing what you can to conserve this important resource.

Water your plants early in the morning or late in the evening. This schedule will give your plants time to soak up the water while delaying evaporation. You should also give your plants one long soak instead of a few short ones. Watch your home’s water meter and the irrigation system to catch water leaks.

New Homes for Sale Henderson

If you’re building a custom home in Las Vegas, dedicate some of your landscaping space toward starting a garden. For luxury living, consider moving to MacDonald Highlands. Along with plenty of outdoor space, you’ll also enjoy:

• Access to our famous golf course

• Top restaurants

• Awe-inspiring views

In addition to finished homes, the MacDonald Highlands community has space available where you can construct your dream home. To learn more, reach out to us at (702) 614-9100.

New Homes for Sale Henderson
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