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April 5, 2017
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April 5, 2017
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On July 17, we celebrate the happiest summer holiday: National Ice Cream Day. Join your high-end real estate team as we find the best ice cream to enjoy.

How are you all dealing with this hot summer? We’re sure with your luxury real estate lot, keeping cool is not too much of a challenge. But considering today’s topic, this new challenge we have will give you a tasteful way to keep cool.

While we were braining storming ideas for the next blog, one of our luxury real estate agents found out that every third Sunday of July is National Ice Cream Day. Who would have thought?

We’re always looking for fun ideas to get the MacDonald Highlands community involved. Ere go, let’s celebrate July 17 by breaking out your coolest summer treat. While we know this is a no-brainer holiday, we still compiled a list of our favorite types of ice cream. It gives us a chance to show off some pictures and jumpstart our appetites.



This may come as a shock to you: mochi ice cream was invented in the United States! Frances Hashimoto took from her Japanese heritage and wrapped rice cake around a ball of ice cream. While she’s now gone, her treat will delight the world for years to come, including on July 17.


A sundae on a Sunday? How apt. How luxurious. How creamy. How delicious!

The origin of this ice cream delight is contested, yet what won’t be contested is how excellent it will be to enjoy on your custom real estate lot.

To make a traditional sundae, scoop out a ball of your favorite ice cream. Drizzle your favorite type of syrup on top, such as chocolate or caramel, and add copious amounts of whipped cream. Drop a cherry on top and enjoy.


Perhaps the most popular variation of the sundae, the banana split has been bringing people together for over a century. Therefore, it is best enjoyed when you invite over the neighbors.  

To create a banana split, cut a fresh banana in half and place on either side of a dish. Place scoops of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla in between the banana, and drizzle various syrups of your choice. Cover in whipped cream, sprinkle with jimmies and nuts and pop a cherry on top.

How tasteful.


Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream. What separates gelato from regular ice cream, though, is that it contains less air and fat, but has more sugar. These qualities are what give Gelato its characteristic density and richness. It’s perfect for the luxurious people of MacDonald Highlands on their luxury real estate.


If you’re looking for tasteful real estate lots for sale instead of tasteful ice cream, contact MacDonald Highlands today. We have the best in contemporary architecture and custom Las Vegas luxury real estate lots for sale.

At MacDonald Highlands, paradise is a reality.


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