What Fair Housing Is and Why They Matter to You

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What Fair Housing Is and Why They Matter to You

Apr 5, 2017
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All realtors may be different in personality and approach. Maybe your high-end real estate realtor jokes with you and finds something you both have in common to create a relationship. Maybe they ask you to sit down and write out a list of your wants in a luxury real estate lot. Maybe they are quiet and reserved, but still resourceful when you tour a property.

No matter what their personality, it will be rare to ever find a luxury real estate agent who will discriminate against you. Realtors may all be different, but they all work in compliance with an important law.  This law is the Fair Housing Regulations law.


In essence, Fair Housing laws are a body of federal regulations that prohibits discrimination of protected classes in the buying, renting or purchase of a dwelling. This means no discrimination of sex, race, religion or creed. The National Association of Realtors also includes sexual orientation to the list. You can learn about the current protected classes here.

If a real estate agent or leasing agent ever discriminates against you or the people around you, they have essentially committed a crime. Even light-hearted joking is illegal. If you ever experience discrimination while touring real estate lots for sale, you have a right to file a complaint with the House of Urban Development, which will investigate the incidence.

There are occurrences in which a property company can turn away someone. These are typically related to housing designated to senior living or finances.


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