Common Questions from First-time Luxury Home Buyers

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Common Questions from First-time Luxury Home Buyers

Jul 31, 2017
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Planning to buy your first luxury home? It’s important for first-time luxury home buyers to get all your questions answered for your first luxury home. But what questions do you ask?

We gathered common questions to ask when buying a luxury home for the first time. No home buyers should shy away from asking real estate questions regarding their future home. Luxury real estate is a cut above normal real estate, and it’s important you’re confident in your decision to buy your first luxury home.

3 Questions First-time Luxury Home Buyers Should Ask

If this is your first venture into luxury home real estate, don’t be afraid to ask the questions you need answered before you sign your home contract. These three questions can help you understand the real estate market.

Can I customize the house?

As first-time luxury home buyers spending money on your future dream home, the option to build a custom residence is a great opportunity. Your realtor will let you know if this option is available or if only certain areas in the home are available for customization.

What might the seller accept as a fair price offer?

A rule of thumb for first-time luxury home buyers is to lower the price by five percent. It won’t bother the seller. Do research for the prices of similar homes or homes in the area to have a median price to offer.

Discuss the price you had in mind to offer with your realtor, and determine if it is in the price range the seller would accept. Asking your realtor this question can prevent the seller from denying your offer.

How do I know this is a good deal for a luxury home?

Before you make the big decision to sign a contract, understand whether or not you’re getting it for a fair deal. There’s not always a perfect way to predict whether a home is a good deal. However,  have information about the seller’s market of the area and the trends in the market. You can better determine if the price is high or if it’s in the price range of similar homes.

We Have Your Dream Home Ready for You

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Alice Carroll
4 years ago

You made a good point that I should ask my realtor if a luxury home can be customized to my liking. I’ve always been passionate about interior design and mixing and matching furniture together so that kind of fun on a luxury home would be a great opportunity for me. Customization would also give me ample opportunity to potentially increase the value of the home through my modifications.

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