Four Luxury Bathroom Trends to Add to Your Home Spa

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Four Luxury Bathroom Trends to Add to Your Home Spa

Feb 16, 2020
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When it comes to home luxuries and conveniences, one area of the home that most people like to focus on is the bathroom. As a homeowner, you’ll want the bathrooms in your home to feature the elements that give it that home spa feel. Here are four luxury bathroom trends for your home spa.

 Tech Comes to Bathrooms 

This year, create a home spa bathroom using technology. Install a smart shower and an automatic sink into your home’s bathrooms. You can add technology that will start your shower automatically, making getting up in the morning a lot easier. A Blue Tooth speaker system lets you enjoy tunes in the shower, and you can even include voice activation for the area’s temperature and lighting. An automatic sink is perfect for you if you have a germ phobia. It decreases the transfer of cold and flu germs while giving you more convenience.

 Install Wood Accents 

Professional spas feature warm tones and accents like wood furniture and floors. Mimic this styling in your bathroom. Install a large wood vanity or a wood wall. Both options pair nicely with fluffy white towels and bathmats. Wood elements work well with different tile and wall colors. A wood storage cabinet is another great way to give the space that spa-like look and feel. It also makes it easy to stay organized. If you want the look of a wood floor, the best way to add it is to get a new tile design that imitates it.

 Open Showers 

An open shower will give your bathroom a spacious look. This type of shower is convenient and safe since you won’t have to worry about slipping over the edge of a bathtub when you’re getting out to dry off. The design is modern, and it increases the amount of space that you have available in the shower, giving you more room for additional showerheads and benches.

 Heating Elements 

Spas tend to be warm, so make your bathroom toasty by adding an underfloor heating element. You can install it under tile, wood, vinyl, and concrete. Underfloor heating is a great thing to add because the type of flooring used in bathrooms is often cold, but an underfloor heating system changes them into one that’s warm and soothing. These systems may decrease noise levels and reduce allergic reactions since they don’t send out air currents that disturb the dust. Warming racks for your towels are another way to give your bathroom a home spa feel.

Houses for Sale in Henderson NV 

Luxury homes Las Vegas include many high-end features and conveniences, but when you give your bathroom the feeling of a home spa by adding technological features, wood accents, an open shower, and heating elements, you’re sure to feel pampered.

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