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Tips for Organizing Your Walk-in Closet

4 days ago
2 min read
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Luxury homes in Las Vegas often come with large closets, big spaces that can become messy very quickly. While it can be a challenge to take time to organize your walk-in closet, doing so will give it a luxurious look that you’ve always wanted. Closet organization is the perfect DIY job. Doing it yourself means that you’ll get to customize your closet based on your preferences. You can also transform it into a space where you’ll want to hang out. Here are a few great tips for organizing your walk-in closet. 

 1. Add Closet Drawers 

 A great way to keep your closet organized is to install custom drawers. That way, you’ll be able to organize small items and random apparel pieces. Add a jewelry tray or velvet drawer inset liners to store necklaces and bracelets. This will keep them free of tangles and easy to find. Drawers simplify the organization. 

 2. Go Through Your Belongings 

 To organize effectively, go through your belongings to get rid of the items that you don’t wear. Keep the apparel pieces that you love and donate the rest. If you have similar items, keep the one that you wear the most and eliminate the others. Also, weed out things that don’t belong in your closet, such as books, paperwork, and holiday items. 

 3. Purchase Quality Hanging Rods 

 Invest in quality hanging rods. High-end ones provide added stability, so you can hang heavy items onto them. They also enhance the interior look of your closet. When you replace the rods, you can customize them by installing upper and lower ones. 

 4. Use LED Lighting 

 The lighting that you have in your closets is important. You’ll want to make sure that you can tell the difference between black and navy when you’re choosing what to wear. Install recessed LED lighting in the ceiling and add more in your shelves. When you have a well-lit closet, it will be warm and welcoming. 

 5. Install Hooks on Empty Walls 

 When you add hooks to empty walls, you’ll increase your storage area. Use them to organize your sweaters, belts, hats, or jewelry. Hooks are available in different sizes and styles. They are flexible organizational items because you can install them on the back of the closet door or behind your clothing racks. 

 6. Coordinate Colors 

 Coordinating colors gives your walk-in closet an appealing look. This step helps you remain organized since everything will have a place. Color coordination provides a balanced appearance, and it will help you select what you want to wear each day. 

 Create the Closet of Your Dreams 

 MacDonald Highlands offers luxury homes in Las Vegas, homes with large walk-in closets with room for all your personal items. Homes in the MacDonald Highlands community come in a range of sizes and styles. Contact us to learn more today.

Your Ultimate Guide for Moving to Las Vegas

Apr 3, 2020
5 min read

Las Vegas is a growing city, one that offers people a quality lifestyle. Not only is it a place where there are plenty of things to do, but it is also a city with a low cost of living and an abundance of work opportunities. In fact, the average monthly salary for those who live in Las Vegas is about $3,000 after taxes. The city has much to recommend it, including warm year-round temperatures and several cozy communities to move into. Here is your ultimate guide for moving to Las Vegas.

Make Sure that You Have a Car 

Las Vegas is a big, sprawling city. This means that you’ll need a car to get around. If you don’t have one for financial reasons or because you are concerned about the environment, then you can get around on the public transit system, but it will be much easier to navigate the city by automobile.

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Listing Spotlight: Inside Our Luxurious 15,000sq foot St Croix Street Mansion

Mar 3, 2020
2 min read

At MacDonald Highlands, we build stunning homes, residences that include all the bells and whistles. Living in our community means that you’ll be residing in a safe gated neighborhood, one that features high-end amenities, such as the MacDonald Highlands country club, and plenty of opportunities to become a part of a tightknit group. If you’re searching for your dream home, we surely have it. Here’s a peek into our luxurious 15,000 square foot St. Croix Street mansion.

With a view of the mountain and the golf course, it’s tough to find artwork that matches the beauty of the sight that you’ll see just looking out the window of our St. Croix Street mansion. The mansion is a two-story contemporary residence that includes a stunning infinity pool and an outdoor patio that’s great for parties. It has seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms.

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Six Great Outdoor Activities to Enjoy Around Las Vegas

Feb 26, 2020
2 min read

Las Vegas is a city that will keep you busy. Not only does it feature plenty of indoor venues and activities, but there’s also a lot of outdoor fun available. Here are six great outdoor activities to enjoy around Las Vegas.

  1. DragonRidge Golf Course 

The DragonRidge Golf Course is in the fine MacDonald Highlands community. It’s an 18-hole course that features gorgeous sights and plenty of challenges. It incorporates the surrounding desert landscape and overlooks downtown Las Vegas. The course features large greens and wide fairways. It also provides a practice facility and a short game area where you can perfect your golfing skills. After a game, you can spend time at the DragonRidge country club, a facility that includes restaurants, a pool, and a hot tub.

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Why 2020 is The Perfect Time to Invest in Luxury Real Estate

Feb 23, 2020
4 min read

Many people are purchasing luxury real estate as a hard asset due to the safety and security of this type of investment. Today, the world’s richest people are becoming even richer, making 2020 the perfect time to invest in luxury real estate. This type of investment is often more secure than others because the real estate luxury market doesn’t fluctuate as much as other real estate markets. According to predictions, the 2020 Las Vegas housing market is expected to be steady and even better than it was last year. MacDonald Highlands real estate offers luxury homes in Las Vegas you’ll want to invest in.

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Four Luxury Bathroom Trends to Add to Your Home Spa

Feb 16, 2020
2 min read

When it comes to home luxuries and conveniences, one area of the home that most people like to focus on is the bathroom. As a homeowner, you’ll want the bathrooms in your home to feature the elements that give it that home spa feel. Here are four luxury bathroom trends for your home spa.

 Tech Comes to Bathrooms 

This year, create a home spa bathroom using technology. Install a smart shower and an automatic sink into your home’s bathrooms. You can add technology that will start your shower automatically, making getting up in the morning a lot easier. A Blue Tooth speaker system lets you enjoy tunes in the shower, and you can even include voice activation for the area’s temperature and lighting. An automatic sink is perfect for you if you have a germ phobia. It decreases the transfer of cold and flu germs while giving you more convenience.

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Three HUGE Reasons to Purchase a House in a Gated Community

Feb 1, 2020
2 min read

Some of the finest luxury homes in Henderson are situated in gated communities. There are many advantages to living in one of these types of communities, and anyone who’s looking for a home in the Las Vegas area will be able to choose from many desirable options. Here are three huge reasons to purchase a house in a gated community.

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Six Luxury Home Amenities That ‘Wow’ Guests

Jan 30, 2020
2 min read

These days, it’s not enough to own a luxury home. Today, home buyers want one with amenities that make them feel pampered and spoiled. You might be thinking of a guest bathroom or a minibar, and those are great, but here are six luxury home amenities that ‘wow’ guests, ones that you might want to look for in luxury homes in Las Vegas.

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Architecture Design Trends for 2020

Jan 30, 2020
2 min read

As humans become more aware of the delicacy of their environment, they are more willing to embrace sustainability. This is showing up in the latest architecture design trends, including new homes for sale in Henderson, Nevada. Homebuyers are interested in purchasing houses that feature recycled materials as well as ones that use less energy to keep them comfortable. Here are a few architecture design trends for 2020.

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With Over 350 days of Sunshine a Year, Las Vegas is the Perfect Place to Call Home

Jan 26, 2020
2 min read

If you enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, then you’ll be happier living in a place where you can spend time outside year-round. With over 350 days of sunshine a year, Las Vegas is the perfect place to call home. Luxury homes in Las Vegas not only give you a stunning place to live, but they also allow you to live in a city with comfortable year-round temperatures. Here are a few other things that make Vegas the perfect place to live.

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