Six Luxury Home Amenities That ‘Wow’ Guests

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Six Luxury Home Amenities That ‘Wow’ Guests

Jan 30, 2020
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These days, it’s not enough to own a luxury home. Today, home buyers want one with amenities that make them feel pampered and spoiled. You might be thinking of a guest bathroom or a minibar, and those are great, but here are six luxury home amenities that ‘wow’ guests, ones that you might want to look for in luxury homes in Las Vegas.

The Latest Technology

Automate your home with the latest technology. Wake up your iPhone to lock your home’s doors, control the interior temperatures, and engage the alarm. Since you can connect your home to your smartphone, it’s possible to manage almost everything inside your home, even if you’re on the other side of the world. With the latest technology, you can let guests into your home if you’re running late and make sure that it’s set at a comfortable temperature for them.

Exercise Room

Instead of working out at the gym with a bunch of strangers, consider installing your private exercise room. To do it up right, include a weight set, free weights, and workout equipment. You may also want to add wireless speakers, televisions, and a sauna or an indoor pool.

A Private Spa

New York is known for its high-end opulence, and today, there is a building in the city that includes a private spa as one of its amenities. You can offer your guests something similar in your Las Vegas home. If you add this to your residence, you’ll want to install a steam room or a sauna along with a cold temperature pool. To go all out and spoil yourself and your guests more, hire a massage therapist for a few hours during their stay.

Outdoor Kitchen

In Las Vegas, an outdoor kitchen is a great and useful amenity. It’s a feature that includes a built-in gas grill, a food prep area, and a small refrigerator for food and drinks. This type of amenity also features lush seating areas for entertaining.

Gaming and Theater Rooms

While gaming and theater rooms are classic amenities, you can take them one a step further by installing an indoor basketball court, an indoor pool, and an extravagant sports bar, one that features televisions and a full bar. Your guests are sure to feel welcome with this setup.

Dressing Room Closet

Your home is sure to wow your guests when it features a dressing room closet. You’ll love the extra storage space a closet like this provides, as well as the organization it offers. With a closet this size, you’ll have space for everything.

New Homes with the Latest and Greatest Amenities

New homes for sale Henderson offer many amenities, including pools, game rooms, and spa-like bathrooms. Even if yours doesn’t come with the dream amenity that you’ve always wanted, many of the luxury homes in Las Vegas include the space to make it happen.

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