Great Healthy Treats for the Trick-or-Treaters

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Great Healthy Treats for the Trick-or-Treaters

Oct 13, 2017
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There’s nothing your little trick-or-treaters are looking forward to more than all the candy they’ll get on Halloween. However, you may want to avoid all that sugar and give them something good. Satisfy their sweet tooth with healthy alternatives to candy. These healthy treats for trick-or-treaters are better for all your little tricksters’ health—and they’re delicious!

4 Healthy Treats for Trick-or-Treaters

As not all trick-or-treaters are alike, these healthy alternatives are great to give as treats for children with allergies. Try these healthy treats for trick-or-treaters this Halloween!

Honey sticks

There’s nothing sweeter than honey, and honey sticks are perfect to give out as Halloween treats. Their natural sweetness makes it a healthy alternative to sticky cavity-causing candy. Check out your local farmer’s market for local honey sticks.

Almond butter packages

Many well-known candies have peanuts in them, making it hard for those little monsters with a peanut allergy. Almond butter packages allow them to still have a nutritious and sweet treat for Halloween. Set aside almond butter packages for the special trick-or-treaters with allergies.

Fruit leather

Nature’s candy is fruit, so pass out fruit leather as a healthy treat for trick-or-treaters. Fruit leather is often all fruit with no additional ingredients. So, it’s a naturally sweet candy to give to those haunting your steps on Halloween night.


While pumpkins are popular for Halloween, mandarins are another round and orange plant to consider for Halloween. Mandarins are easy for kids to peel and eat up on Halloween night, they’re also great alternatives to candy. If you want to be creative, draw spooky jack-o-lantern faces on the skin for a scary good treat.

Pass Out Your Healthy Treats from Your Luxury Home

Share some healthy treats for the trick-or-treaters in our luxury home community. Our community has the best views of the Las Vegas skyline, perfect for Halloween night. Are you ready for a scary good Life at the Top?

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