Luxury Design Trend: Statement Tiles

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Luxury Design Trend: Statement Tiles

Nov 6, 2017
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Add a touch of flair to your home this fall by using statement tiles in your interior design. This luxury design trend will make your rooms more eye-catching and whimsical. Statement tiles can give you the touch of color your interior needs if you’re feeling it’s becoming too monochromatic.

Make a Statement with this Luxury Design Trend

Changing up your interior design in the fall comes parallel with the change of the weather. Designing with statement tiles is one of the exceptional interior design trends we’re loving this season. Liven up your monochromatic home or create a contrast inside this autumn.

What are statement tiles?

Not all tiles are the same, and statement tiles are a creative upgrade from traditional ones. They come in forms of colorful terracotta tiles or bold ceramic tiles placed in elaborate patterns to create a larger design. The tiles’ handmade look gives any interior a unique style with each tile being different from each other. Retro designs prominent in the 60’s and 70’s is the inspiration behind this luxury design trend.

How to use in your luxury design

Statement tiles give you the flexibility and creativity to create a work of art for a room or give your interior an entirely different feel. The earthy feel of the terracotta tiles can make your kitchen look more rustic and give it a sense of the countryside.

Creating a statement design using these tiles makes for a great centerpiece for a room. Statement tiles are made to add a bit of character to your interior, so consider areas you want to bring more flair into. Play around with the design you’ll create with the tiles, and you might create an eye-popping design unique to your luxury design.

Breathtaking Luxury Interior Designs

With the knowledge of this luxury design trend, build the interior of your dreams in the house of your dreams. MacDonald Highlands offers you the luxury home you’ve been looking for all your life. View our luxury real estate to find your new dream home. Are you ready for a Life at the Top?

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