Thanksgiving Table Settings Will Make Your Life Easier This Season

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Thanksgiving Table Settings Will Make Your Life Easier This Season

Nov 10, 2017
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Preparing for the big Thanksgiving dinner can create loads of stress any party host drowns in this special Thursday. We have life-saving Thanksgiving table settings tips and tricks to help you avoid going crazy over where to sit everyone while you’re cooking the big bird.

Thanksgiving Table Setting Tips to Help on Turkey Day

Do you know how to set your table this Thanksgiving? Don’t leave that for the last hour of the day! Prepare for your guests and have less to worry about on the turkey holiday by strategizing your Thanksgiving table setting ahead of time. It’s hosting made easy.

Make RSVPs a priority

Avoid the unexpected plus one by making your Thanksgiving guests RSVP ahead of time so you know the exact number to expect at your dinner. Prioritizing your RSVP helps you to also prepare for making the right amount of food for everyone.

Prepare for the unexpected anyway

Staying prepared with a few additional Thanksgiving table settings for the unexpected is also a plus to avoid stress on the holiday. If you have all your RSVPs in, add two to four extra people to your expected number in case someone decides to come to dinner.

Make your place cards once all your RSVPs are in

If you set a date for responses from your guests and everyone has responded, begin making your place cards before Thanksgiving week. This way, all you have to worry about during the week is all the sides you need to create.

Make several extra place cards for those unexpected guests and if you have some free time on the day of, make them feel special and actually place their name on the place card.

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