How Concrete Counters are Redefining Luxury

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How Concrete Counters are Redefining Luxury

Feb 7, 2020
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Concrete counters are increasing in popularity and can add luxury to many styles of homes. Some of the finest Henderson luxury homes for sale feature these types of counters that are great additions to both smaller and larger living spaces. Concrete countertops are redefining luxury so much that many people specifically request them when searching for new homes.

Refined Appearance

These types of counters often have a more refined look than old-fashioned plastics and laminates that are found in many manufactured homes. The edges of concrete are easy to shape so that they appear smooth and blend in seamlessly with a room’s design.

Highly Durable

Concrete is a highly durable material that’s less prone to cracking and breaking if the proper care is taken. Concrete counters that are also made with quartz can provide even greater durability and won’t crack as easily. Laminate countertops often crack and are more prone to other types of damage and can be challenging to repair. Tiled countertops can crack easily if kitchen utensils are accidentally dropped on them.

Versatile for Different Rooms

Another excellent quality of concrete countertops is that they work well in different rooms. Kitchens and bathrooms can be lined with concrete countertops that are of different shapes and sizes. Concrete is also an excellent choice for workbenches in garages.

A Variety of Color Choices

Different color choices are available when selecting from different concrete counter options. With the right color choice, a concrete counter can add more sophistication to a living space. Black or white countertops are great for making a home look upscale. Brown and other earthy tones can add a tranquil ambiance to a room. Darker and lighter shades of gray can also be used to give concrete counters more visual appeal.

Special Adornments

For the most luxurious look possible, some concrete counters are made with unique adornments. Some manufacturers offer counters that have colorful stones or seashells embedded in them. Real leaves can also sometimes be used to enhance a concrete counter’s design.

People who prioritize luxury are sure to be pleased with a home that has concrete counters. MacDonald Highlands features plenty of Henderson luxury homes for sale that come with quality counters and are adjacent to the Dragon Ridge Country Club. More details about this community can be learned by visiting or by calling (702) 614-9100.

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