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Why Using Feng Shui in Your Interior Design is Beneficial

Jun 9, 2021
5 min read
 luxury homes in Las Vegas

You’ll find luxury homes in Las Vegas at the MacDonald Highlands community. A great feature of our community is that you can build a custom home, so if one of our already completed ones doesn’t have everything you need, then you can build one that does. Before moving into your new home, consider decorating using feng shui techniques.

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Meaning of Colors in Feng Shui to Find Balance in Your Luxury Home

Feb 26, 2018
3 min read

Do you ever walk into a room and instantly become more relaxed? The room may have hints of the meaning of color use in feng shui, invoking certain feelings to happen based on a color choice. Whether you want to give a specific room a calming effect or give it a color to surge more productivity, a feng shui home full of lively hues helps bring these energies to life.

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