Meaning of Colors in Feng Shui to Find Balance in Your Luxury Home

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Meaning of Colors in Feng Shui to Find Balance in Your Luxury Home

Feb 26, 2018
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Do you ever walk into a room and instantly become more relaxed? The room may have hints of the meaning of color use in feng shui, invoking certain feelings to happen based on a color choice. Whether you want to give a specific room a calming effect or give it a color to surge more productivity, a feng shui home full of lively hues helps bring these energies to life.

What is the Meaning of Color Use in Feng Shui?

Color use in a feng shui home has a lot of power in the emotions felt when present in a room. It helps transform a living space and people sharing the space almost instantly. Feng shui teachings state everything in a place has energy and colors also help fuel these powers to give the user a particularly emotional experience.

Using specific colors for an interior space makes you contemplate what you want to be doing in the room. If you are choosing colors for an office, you want a color scheme which invokes productivity. Use more calming hues for places you expect to use for reading or meditation.

How to Use Color with Feng Shui

Understanding the meaning of color use in feng shui helps you to pick what paint color you want to use to make a statement in a space. Let’s start off with the lowest frequency on the rainbow chart.


If you want to instill power or energy in your luxury home—red is your friend. Red is essential in Chinese culture, as it represents luck, excitement, courage, and fortune. Significant life events, such as marriage, use the red hue. Add more red tones if you want to invigorate the energy of the room.


Orange is the option for when red is too intense for your color scheme, or you don’t find red tasteful. This bright hue is the social color in feng shui and creates the energy needed to have conversations and positivity in your room. Bring on the orange if you want a color that brings people together and makes a guest in the space more comfortable.


Yellow will be your friend if you want to add a cheerful, uplifting, brightening energy to your room. It is a feng shui favorite for children’s rooms and kitchens. Splash some yellow if you feel a particular place is too drab for your liking.


The earthy hue of feng shui represents freshness and renewal—like the colors of spring and summer. With nature and growth association, green can have positive effects on your health. As with most of the other colors on this list, it’s conducive to have as many shades for the most significant impact in feng shui.


Blue is a color you use if you want peace and tranquility. It’s the color of a peaceful sky or the color of the purest ocean, endless and infinite. If you find a room too hectic, add a coat of blue to bring it down, especially in the bedroom.


The highest frequency of visible light and perhaps the most enigmatic, purple is the Feng Shui color for those who want dignified energy in a room. Add purple to a space you want to spark interest or creativity, but don’t overdo it. It is also the color of royalty—perfect for a luxury home.

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