Why Using Feng Shui in Your Interior Design is Beneficial

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Why Using Feng Shui in Your Interior Design is Beneficial

Jun 9, 2021
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 luxury homes in Las Vegas

You’ll find luxury homes in Las Vegas at the MacDonald Highlands community. A great feature of our community is that you can build a custom home, so if one of our already completed ones doesn’t have everything you need, then you can build one that does. Before moving into your new home, consider decorating using feng shui techniques.

Why Using Feng Shui in Your Interior Design is Beneficial

When a person is making improvements to the way that they live, they frequently focus on themselves. They may change how they’re eating or their thinking techniques. Personal changes often involve beginning a yoga practice or meditating. People may only make changes to their physical self without taking it into other areas of their lives like their home, but for comprehensive life balance, consider using feng shui in your interior design.

What is feng shui? Feng translates to “wind” and shui means “water.” Feng shui is connected to energy currents. Everything that’s in the world is formed from energy, and feng shui functions with the natural elements of universal chi. When it works as it should, it will help you establish harmony with the energy in your personal spaces.

 luxury homes in Las Vegas

Relationship Assistance

All kinds of relationships can be enhanced with feng shui. It can help a single person attract a partner or improve an already established relationship. The first step to love is to make sure that another person will feel comfortable in your space. Also, add things to your home in pairs when including feng shui for relationship assistance. For instance, in your bedroom, make sure that you have two nightstands on either side of your bed as well as two closet areas.

Consider How Energy Arrives in Your Home

With feng shui, your home’s entryway is where energy arrives in your home as well as into your life. To create good feng shui, begin by decluttering your entryway and eliminating any debris that may be present. It’s easy to allow objects to gather near the front door. You don’t have to keep it completely empty but make sure that it’s tidy. Create an entryway that works for you.

Keep the Windows Clean

In feng shui, windows stand for the eyes of the home’s adults. For kids, they represent the voice. To ensure that you have good feng shui in your home, keep the windows clean. When your windows are clean, the sun’s light will share its natural energy with you. It also wakes you up in the morning.

Sunlight brilliantly renders the colors and objects that you look at. Because of this, your home will appear more expansive and livelier when you allow more natural sunlight to enter. When cleaning your windows, try to use a non-toxic cleaner. A great option is to use white vinegar, several drops of your favorite essential oil and water.

 luxury homes in Las Vegas

Doors Matter in Feng Shui

When you consider feng shui in decorating, doors matter. They signify your voice and how you communicate. Doors are also gateways through which opportunities can enter your life. There are two things to consider with doors. The first is to make sure that you can open yours to at least 90 degrees. If there’s clutter preventing a door from opening, it means that you can only receive some of the opportunities that life is ready to offer you. Obstructed doors close off parts of yourself.

Confirm that all of your doors are functioning properly without squeaking or sticking. Make sure that your doors close easily and completely. By focusing on these small details, energy can make its way to you. For feng shui, it’s important to keep the flow of energy moving as smoothly as possible.

Keep it Spacious

While eliminating clutter is an important part of feng shui, a more important element is to create space. How can you add space into your life? Start at home. Look for a physical area such as a room, drawer or the top of the refrigerator and get rid of the things that are no longer necessary.

When you get rid of something, you’re creating space for a new opportunity. Don’t get down on yourself when a space becomes full. This is a natural thing that happens with time. Life is an everchanging thing. It is full of impermanence. It’s okay to play with the ebb and flow of your humanity. Your empty spaces fill up and you empty them. Then, they fill up again.

Welcome in Plants

Las Vegas luxury homes gain a feng shui element when they are decorated with plants. With feng shui, plants signify life energy. This means that they connect people to nature. They also bring a liveliness into your home. When you include plants as part of your décor, they’ll act like fresh green juice for your home.

Green plants supply your home with energy and health. Be sure to choose plants that you’ll have the time to take care of, ones that work well in your spaces. Consider how much natural light that you have available. If this is the first time that you’ll be caring for plants, select easy ones such as succulents or golden pothos.

 luxury homes in Las Vegas

Homes for Sale in Henderson Nevada

When building a custom home in Las Vegas, consider adding feng shui elements to give your home space and balance. The MacDonald Highlands community provides luxury living with its:

• Elegant homes

• Picturesque views

• Club house

To learn more about living here, give us a call at (702) 614-9100.

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