5 of the Best Flowers for Your Las Vegas Garden

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5 of the Best Flowers for Your Las Vegas Garden

Jul 14, 2020
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The MacDonald Highlands community has many luxury homes for sale in Henderson Nevada, homes that include high-end finishes and incredible architecture. Purchasing a home means that you’ll get to customize the landscaping. Here are five of the best flowers for your Las Vegas garden. 

 1. Cacti 

 If you prefer your outdoor spaces to be low maintenance, plant some cacti. These desert plants look amazing in your landscaping, and they are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can find ones that bloom with bright colored flowers. Consider planting aloe, kangaroo paw, or agave. You’ll love the beauty that cactuses give to your home’s landscaping. 

 2. Honeysuckle 

 You can grow honeysuckle as a shrub or a vine. It is fragrant and leafy. Honeysuckle will give your outdoor space a touch of green year-round. In the spring, the plant blossoms with yellow or white flowers. If you plant honeysuckle, you’ll be able to attract butterflies to your home. Honeysuckle blends well with other foliage. It can also be a great highlight to flowerbeds. 

 3. Weeping Bottlebrush 

 Weeping bottlebrush is a small flowering tree that’s native to Australia. It is an evergreen that blossoms with bright red flowers in the spring and summer. It is also a plant that will attract butterflies and hummingbirds. It will provide your landscaping with a whimsical touch since its branches droop gently to the ground. You can add it to a center flowerbed or along a back-fence line. 

 4. Coneflowers 

 Coneflowers are perennials that feature purple petals and long stems. Consider planting them when you need a punch of landscaping color. These are hardy little flowers, and they’ll tempt birds, butterflies and bees to your yard. They pop up out of the earth and grow to be about 2 feet to 4 feet tall, giving your exterior landscaping some visual interest. Coneflowers grow quickly, and they self-sow their seeds copiously. This type of flower blossoms from the middle of summer until the first fall frost. 

 5. Golden Columbine 

 Plant some golden columbine to enjoy a pretty flower that blooms later in the year. This flower features a bundle of bright yellow blossoms. It comes with fancy spurs to give your garden a unique look. Columbines resist drought conditions, which makes them perfect for the Las Vegas area. Your columbines will love hanging out in the shade underneath a tree or beneath your home’s front porch. 

 The Best Flowers for Your Luxury Home in Henderson 

 Luxury homes in Henderson are available in the MacDonald Highlands community. Once you’ve chosen the home of your dreams, you’ll enjoy personalizing the exterior with some of the best flowers for the Las Vegas area. For more information, give us a call at 702-467-7100 today.

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