Classic Paint Colors for Your Estate Home

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Classic Paint Colors for Your Estate Home

Jun 3, 2020
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Selecting paint colors for your home is a significant challenge, one complicated by the available color options. To make the choice slightly easier, we’re sharing the best classic paint colors for your estate home. 

 Muted Green 

 A muted green is on the neutral side, making it an easy shade to work with. It features a richness that isn’t too dark. Muted green is also earthy and grounded without being too dark and heavy. You’ll love how it looks with your home’s wood elements. This shade of green complements various interior styles, and it gives any room a calmer, more relaxed feel. 

 Light Gray 

 There are several hues that are always timeless, and light gray is one of them. It is the perfect neutral shade, one that blends well with accent colors. Light gray allows bright colors to fully shine. Add the hue to common spaces like living and family rooms as well as to a home office or a guest bedroom. 

 Dark Blue 

 Dark blue is a classic color that’s sure to give any room of your home a luxurious look. Deep rich colors like dark blue add character to a home. It is also serene and provides a space with a comforting vibe. Dark blue is ideal for bedrooms, home offices, and libraries. 

 Poised Taupe 

 Poised Taupe is a great neutral shade that features a warmer tone than other classic hues. It’s a color that’s easy to live with, and it blends well with other color choices that you’ve made in your home. For instance, if you have a sofa in a bright color, then Poised Taupe walls will allow it to pop. The color is dark enough to avoid giving your home too basic of a look, but it still does an excellent job of being a solid background color. 

 Pale Orange 

 Pale orange gives you the chance to put a bit of feng shui energy into your home. According to those who practice feng shui, orange and red hues bring happiness into a space. The color will give your home a welcoming vibe and make it feel more inviting. Light orange is a classic choice because it’s close to warm beige tone-wise, but the shade is included in the orange family. You can paint an entire room a light orange without it being overbearing. The hue also works well with wood floors and bright pieces of furniture. 

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